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Electric vehicles: help with installing a terminal charging will be more important

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If the installation of what is commonly called a wallbox or a charging station is not necessary to the use of an electric vehicle is still strongly recommended.

Indeed, having a charging station at home can greatly reduce the charging time of an electric vehicle, but also avoid large losses of electricity by using a simple electrical outlet. p>

Thus, having a charging station at home when you have an EV is almost imperative in the objective of an ecological transition with regard to the automobile, however, all this has a cost.< /p>

Already existing aid, but not sufficient

The government has understood the interest of this, and is already offering financial aid allowing households wishing to switch to electric cars to equip themselves accordingly.

If the ecological bonus concerning the vehicles themselves will evolve from 2024, the aid concerning the installation of a charging station too.

Currently, a tax credit is granted with aid which is capped at a total of 300 euros, which is unfortunately not enough to install a terminal at home.

Financial assistance for charging stations is in full swing

An amendment raising the ceiling of this financial assistance was adopted this week, thus making it possible toincrease the ceiling of this assistance from 300 to 500 euros.

Obviously good news for people who want to go electric. Indeed, even if this does not cover the entire installation costs, this tax exemption still allows the entire purchase of the terminal to be covered. You just need to see that Tesla offers its Wall Connector at a price of 500 euros to understand the interest of this amendment.

This is compatible with all electric vehicles having a type 2 charging port, its installation promises to be able to recharge a very large number of models, whether it is a Tesla or not. There is a strong chance that this amendment will come into force from the beginning of 2024.

  • Aid allowing < strong>'installation of a charging station for an electric vehicle is currently capped at 300 euros of tax credit.
  • A new amendment will increase this ceiling to 500 euros.
  • This welcome new feature for current or future owners of electric cars should come into force at the start of next year.

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