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Wednesday: Tim Burton explains why the series is a hit

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It's an understatement to say that season 1 of Wednesday made an impression on Netflix. Very popular, the series was able to build a community of fans who loved this original immersion in the world of the Addams family. Following the end of the screenwriters' strike in Hollywood, we also know that the streaming service has decided to prioritize writing the script for season 2 in the hope of releasing a sequel as quickly as possible.

Tim Burton praises Jenna Ortega

Recently, Tim Burton, who directed several episodes, answered questions from bfi.org, and he returned to what contributed to the success of this production. According to him, you don't have to look far: it's Jenna Ortega who, through her talent, holds the series at arm's length.

He insists:“When I worked on Wednesday, the reason I loved it was because I identified so much with the character. But for me, it couldn't have been done without her (Jenna Ortega Editor's note). You can write well, you can do whatever you want, but this kind of character requires such clarity and purity and strength. A person must have this. For me, it was essentially her who made the series possible.”

The legend of the seventh art adds about the young actress : “She is one of the most aware, not only as an actress, but also of everything that surrounds the camera and the set. He's a very special talent. And she made a lot of horror films, which I like too. This gave him a special place in my heart. ‘Oh, you're making another horror movie. It's good.”

As we will have understood, Tim Burton is full of praise for the new star of American cinema. More surprisingly, Jenna Ortega admitted to having had difficulty with her character and the script choices at the very beginning of filming.

She explained: “Everything that Wednesday does , everything I had to play, made no sense for this character. The fact that she's in a love triangle? This is not possible.” Far from being discouraged, the artist intervened to change certain elements and make the whole more consistent with the vision she had of this heroine.< /p>

In any case, we will have to be very patient before seeing this season 2 on Netflix. As we explained to you above, the script has not been finalized, and filming has not yet started.

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