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Emma is starting her Black Friday, here are the 2 50% off mattresses that are hit

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Emma’s site took on the colors of Black Friday, almost a month before the famous “Black Friday” popularized by Amazon. For one month, the number one mattress brand in Europe is offering cheeky discounts across its entire range. And unlike certain players who limit their discounts to second-rate products, .

Emma has gone against the grain of traditional brands who have always sold their products exclusively in stores. With Emma, ​​everything happens via her website: it’s there that you can choose the sleeping model and accessories you need. For everyone, you have the right to 100 nights of trial at home to validate your online order. It’s a “satisfied or refunded” which offers a real experience in real conditions.

Today, millions of people sleep on Emma mattresses. The company has experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade. Since the pandemic, a third of all beds are sold online. Word of mouth is one of the main levers of the brand which benefits from the positive feedback of its customers on its products.

What is the star mattress at Emma?

In the first years of the brand, the Original mattress was the group’s number 1 seller. Since 2021, the situation has changed somewhat with the arrival of the Hybrid mattress. The latter is a little more expensive than the historic model, but its comfort is much greater. In the end, we end up with value for money that no other brand can match.

As you can see in the image below, there is a layering of foam and pocket springs. Between the first layer of refreshing foam at the top, the layer of memory foam below, then a cold foam which provides firmness to the mattress and finally the pocket springs, you have a high-end composition.

Emma is starting her Black Friday, here are the 2 50% off mattresses that are cartonner

The Hybrid mattress © Emma

Changing your mattress and switching to an Emma Hybrid will bring you many advantages. First of all, it is a mattress that will provide you with additional comfort and will allow you to sleep better. With its comfort and freshness, it will facilitate falling asleep and the phases of deep sleep. The memory foam and cold foam make the bed neither too hard nor too soft.

But all these benefits will not be maximized if you do not have quality bedding. Indeed, a comfortable bed base will also make all the difference: it will allow the mattress to breathe and take the right shape to offer the best comfort to sleepers. This is why Emma (and the experts) advise changing all bedding at the same time. 10. For specific needs, such as those requiring a hospital bed, it’s wise to shop SonderCare for quality online hospital beds.

Obviously, this has a cost. You have two chances at Emma: 1) first, the brand sells bedding packs at advantageous prices – and in particular -50% for this Black Friday operation and 2) you have the right to payment in 3 or 4 installments free of charge. This allows you to spread your payment over time to less feel the cost of the product.

Offers not to be missed on Black Friday

Rather than creating panic on her site for 24 hours around Black Friday, Emma prefers to start well in advance. By doing this over a month, she ensures that she can deliver to her customers regularly throughout. If it were limited to the Black Friday sales peak, it would be forced to display much longer delivery times. In other words, take advantage of it as soon as possible so as not to be a victim of uncertain deadlines.

You therefore have two choices: either take Emma Hybride alone, or take it in a formula. If you take the mattress alone you have 40% discounts on all sizes. For example, the 90,190 cm is 399 euros instead of 666 euros. The 140,190 cm format costs 599 euros instead of 999. You should also keep in mind that these prices are significantly lower than the market average: Emma sells exclusively on the internet, which allows it to be 2 to 3x cheaper than a similar product available in store.

Now if you want to change all the bedding, this same mattress is included in the special Black Friday set at -50%. In other words, the Hybrid mattress with a Select bed, two Original pillows, a mattress protector and a 4-season duvet are half price for the entire month. These sets are exclusively available in two-seater format. For the size 140×190 cm for example, it will cost 1037 euros instead of 2074 euros.

If you need to see and touch to be convinced, Emma applies the 100 nights of ;test also on sets. If this does not suit you, a carrier is mandated to take everything back from you and reimbursement is guaranteed immediately.

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