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Why you shouldn't fill your fuel tank to the brim

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Inflation is weighing more and more on household budgets, and purchasing power is one of the main concerns of the French. In this context, the rise in fuel prices is an essential issue, and any opportunity to save money is worth taking.

And precisely, the magazine Auto Plusprovides common sense advice in a recently published article. He emphasizes that you should not fill your tank to the maximum when you refuel.

A good way to reduce the fuel bill

Why? If the latter is filled to the brim, the vehicle will be heavier. So while a liter of diesel is a little less than a kilo, a full tank of 80 liters is equivalent to an additional person in the car. This extra weight will generate higher consumption.

Therefore, our colleagues advise limiting filling to a maximum of 70% of the tank capacity, even if this means you have to do more more regularly. They promise: “You will see the difference with use!” We just have to believe them.

In addition to this beneficial measure, in an article published during the summer, we listed tips for reducing your fuel consumption. The same goes for adopting flexible driving while driving. In fact, driving with sudden acceleration and braking consumes more fuel.

Likewise, tire pressure should be monitored regularly. If they are underinflated, rolling resistance will be greater, which will generate increased fuel consumption. Also remember to have your vehicle serviced regularly. This will make it possible in particular to change air filters, or even worn spark plugs, and other small mechanical problems which tend to increase consumption.

Even if you take all the precautions in the world , the period remains delicate for many French people. Aware of the potential for social mobilization, Emmanuel Macron promised last September the establishment of a worker fuel allowance in 2024.

This system is similar to the 100 euro check paid at the start of 2023 to the lowest-income households. more modest. To benefit from it this year, you had to carry out a professional activity and belong to a tax household whose reference tax income (RFR) per share for income for the year 2021 is less than or equal to 14,700 euros.

This measure therefore does not concern retirees in situations of poverty, but this seems fully accepted by the Head of State who underlines: “We help those who need to drive to work . But we get out of this whatever it takes”.

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