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Life on our planet: 4 good reasons to watch this Netflix series

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If you're looking for a new series to watch on Netflix, don't move: the platform has just added a rare gem to its catalog. Indeed, Life on our planet has just arrived on the platform.

The documentary series promises to tell us the incredible story of life on Earth since 4 billion of years. Want to be amazed and cultivate yourself at the same time? Life on our planet is the ideal program. We give you 4 reasons to continue the episodes without further delay.

1) It's made by the creators of Our Planet

Behind Life on Our Planet hides the team that created the documentary series Our Planet em>. In the 12 episodes available on Netflix, the aim is to highlight the spectacular beauty of our planet as well as the impact of climate change on all living creatures. The success is such that the series Our Planet has won several Emmy Awards and even more nominations.

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Knowing that this brilliant team is at the helm of Life on Our Planet is a guarantee of quality. Those who have been able to delight us on several occasions should make our hearts beat again by telling us about the origins of life on Earth.

2) It is produced by Steven Spielberg

In addition to calling on the talented Our Planet team, Netflix turned to a big name in cinema to retrace the history of the presence of life on Earth. Indeed, Steven Spielberg is there. The filmmaker, whom we need not introduce, actively participated in the project.

To offer us a great show, Life on our planetrelies on numerous special effects. This allows us to bring to life the prehistoric creatures and other dinosaurs that the series promises us to encounter over the course of 8 episodes. Note that these special effects were designed by the company Industrial Light & Magic, who notably worked on Jurassic Park.

3) It is of extraordinary beauty

Thus, creatures from another era, created from scratch by computer, blend intelligently with splendid natural landscapes. Life on our planetpromises to take the spectators' breath away. We delve into the origins of life on Earth and the immersion is incredible. It is beautiful and majestic. For the visual experience alone, Life on our planet is worth the detour.

4) It's thrilling!

When we retrace five mass extinctions, there is something to keep the viewer in suspense. We come across species that fight fervently to survive. The suspense is therefore there in Life on our planet. The documentary series invites you to meet primordial species, such as the first vertebrate to migrate from the ocean to the earth, some turning out to be unlikely heroes.

Life on our planet has been available since yesterday, Wednesday October 25, 2023, on Netflix. The documentary series seemed eagerly awaited by subscribers to the platform. It remains to be seen if it will manage to position itself in the Top of the most watched series of the moment on Netflix. We believe in it!

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