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Emmanuel Macron reduces the duration of teacher training: a compromise in the face of staff shortages ?

The President of the Republic confirmed Friday a reform concerning access to the profession, accessible from the end of the license, with the establishment of professional masters.

Traveling on Friday April 5, from a school in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Emmanuel Macron detailed how the new reform in favor of national education, on the training of teachers, the methods of teaching mathematics, and finally the ;#39;budget envelope.

Advanced teaching competitions

From 2025, future teachers will no longer take competitive exams. bac+5 but à tray 3. The objective: to make the profession more attractive to remedy the problem. a crisis in recruiting teachers.'&National Education has been facing a crisis in recent years. an unprecedented crisis. The start of the September 2023 school year took place in April. under pressure again with more than 3 100 unfilled positions in the spring 2023 teaching competitions.

Licenses specific to the teaching profession will thus be implemented in universities. ;Professional licenses to prepare for school teaching will be implemented as part of post-baccalaureate training. on French, mathematics and history-geography, as well as innovative teaching techniques. , indicated the head of state. 

Professional masters with a salary from the first year

The work-study training during the two years of the master's degree will be paid (between 1&400 euros net per first year and 1,800 euros net the second year) will be offered. quot;recognize our compatriots who want to engage in this essential profession – transmitting knowledge to others. our children, teach them critical thinking, give them confidence – and therefore pay them from the first year of master's degree ;quot;, explainedé Emmanuel Macron. An operation which must be generalizedé from the start of the next school year. 


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