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Emulators, music: here are Apple's new concessions

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Apple continues to make changes to its iOS operating system to satisfy the European Commission which, since March, has applied the Digital Markets Act. As a reminder, this new European Union legislation regulates digital giants, qualified as access controllers, as well as some of their platforms. After announcing a series of measures to comply with the new legislation, including allowing alternatives to the App Store on the iPhone, Apple is proposing additional changes to the rules of the App Store. App Store and its iOS platform.

New relaxations on the iPhone

For example, Apple recently made new concessions for music streaming applications, and allowed new categories of applications on the App Store. Regarding music streaming apps, our colleagues at 9to5Mac indicate that in “specific regions”, Apple explicitly allows music streaming apps to include links or “buy” buttons to redirect the user to their sites, to purchase music or services. Additionally, streaming apps have the ability to request the user's email address, in order to offer purchases of virtual goods or services on the developer's website. As a reminder, as purchases are made on the developer's website and not on the iOS application, this developer avoids the commission that Apple normally charges on transactions.

< p>Besides this, still according to the explanations of 9to5Mac, the App Store now authorizes game emulators. Furthermore, this measure is not limited to the European Union or specific regions, but is valid for the entire world. “[…] Retro game console emulator apps may offer to download games”, reads an Apple document for developers. Previously, this was prohibited by the App Store. And to provide this type of experience, developers had to use devious means.

Objective: satisfy regulators?

While Apple has already announced significant changes to its ecosystem in the European Union, the measures taken by the firm to comply with the DMA have not satisfied the Commission European. Recently, it announced a formal procedure to investigate the compliance of Apple, Google and Meta with the new legislation. Therefore, it is possible that in the coming weeks or months, these companies will announce additional measures to resolve the problems that have been raised by Brussels.

Otherwise, in the United States, Apple's position on the smartphone market, as well as its closed ecosystem, also earned it an antitrust complaint from the Department of Justice.

  • Apple announces new changes to iOS and App Store policies
  • This gives more freedom to music streaming apps, by making it easier to purchase music or products on the developer's site (to avoid Apple's commission)
  • The App Store also allows developers to publish retrogaming emulators
  • Currently, Apple is in the crosshairs of the European Commission, which is investigating its compliance with the Digital Markets Act
  • And in the United States, the Cupertino company is the subject of an antitrust complaint

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