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Escape of Mohamed Amra in Incarville (Eure): the possibility of a kidnapping on the table

“Escape of Mohamed Amra in Incarville (Eure): the trail of a kidnapping on the table”

What if Mohamed Amra's escape was in reality? a removal carried out by enemy criminals ? The investigators are thinking of this hypothesis.

The essential

  • Mohamed Amra is still wanted this Thursday, May 16, two days after the attack on two prison vans, in the Eure at the Incarville toll gate, for subtract it à the police.
  • The National Fugitive Search Brigade (BNRF) and the national anti-gang BRI are deployed. In total, more than 450 police officers and gendarmes are mobilized to find the fugitive and the attackers. The hunt is also digital. Thousands of telephone lines and dozens of surveillance cameras were scrutinized.
  • Several experts in organized crime consider that the scenario of an attack carried out in support of Mohamed Amra does not exist. #39;is not necessarily the most relevant. It is also possible that the attackers released Mohamed Amra to remove it. "We have two hypotheses: either they are friends or allies, or they are enemies. Enemies could very well come looking for him for reasons that escape us. “current time”, indicated this Thursday the expert Thierry Colombié on TF1.
    "We can actually imagine, to the extent thatù this man is a priori in a war with a certain number of competitors, the hypothesis according to which people came to look for him for other reasons: to make him talk, to ask him for money. ;rsquo;money", adds expert Hugues Vigier on France 3.
  • Interpol has issued a red notice to against Mohamed Amra, known as "La Mouche", to seek help from police officers beyond the border. of the French borders. 
  • A mission responsible for making proposals on the transfer and extractions of the prison administration. was é launched by the Law Commission of the National Assembly.


12:09 – Interpol Red Notice: what çhas changed in the hunt ?

The red notice issued by Interpol regarding Mohamed Amra indicates to the 196 member countries of Interpol that France wants him nicknamed " The Fly" be arrested. The latter cannot take the plane, he can also be arrested. in any member country and identified as a wanted fugitive by France. In practice, certain States may refuse to arrest him in the event of an inspection. A rare situation, but it can happen.

11:05 – Gérald Darmanin takes legal action over the leak of images on social networks

This Wednesday, Gérald Darmanin took legal action to investigate the leak on social networks of images of the Incarville toll gate (Eure). "The Minister of the Interior made an article 40 to the Paris prosecutor against the leaked toll videos" AFP learned. These are images in which we see an armed commando; shoot the prison officers and flee with Mohamed Amra. Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure requires that: any authority having knowledge of a crime or misdemeanor to report it to justice.

09:59 – An escape… to sequester the freed man. ?

"I’I had several conversations with big thugs, who analyzedé the video. And several of them said to me: 'Look, it’s not as clear as ça. Maybe this isn't an escape. Maybe they came for him. We have the impression, watching this video closely, that Mohamed Amra does not immediately get out of the van,” analysis for France 3 Fréd& eacute;ric Ploquin, specialist in organized crime on France 3. For him, "we can actually imagine, to the extent thatù this man is a priori in a war with a certain number of competitors, the hypothesis according to which people came to look for him for other reasons: to make him talk, to ask him for money. ;rsquo;money".

If the attackers came not in support, but for an act of revenge, the police hunt would then take a completely different turn: the investigators would not have & agrave; intervene in the case of a fugitive hunt. In this case it is probable that Mohamed Amra could be eliminated.

Find out more

This Tuesday, two prison administration agents were arrested. You were killed and three were killed. seriously injured during the robbery of two vans, at the Incarville toll gate in Eure. The convoy was transporting a detainee between Evreux and Rouen. This is Mohamed Amra, known as "La Mouche", a repeat offender and sentenced to prison. &agrav; 18 months in prison suspended by the Evreux court for burglary, indicates the National Jurisdiction for the Fight against Crime. organized. He is also indicted for murder and attempted murder by an organized gang, leading to imprisonment for up to 5 years. perpetuity. This Wednesday, May 15, the hunt continues to try to get their hands on the fugitive. 

"Means of international cooperation" deployed according to Darmanin

"We put a lot of effort into finding the person who escaped and the gang that freed him' in despicable conditions. Means of international cooperation have been developed. put &agrav; at the request of the President. I hope, in the days to come, we will see more question the person, that he/she answers for his/her actions, and for the gang of murderers" indicated this morning Gérald Darmanin on RTL. "He wasn’t the biggest offender we knew. The killing, the disproportionate means put in place to free this person, do not correspond to the biggest offender we have in our prisons. We will also have to put this savagery that affects our society on trial. continues the Minister of the Interior this Wednesday. 

The national anti-gang BRI dispatched

The magistrates of the National Jurisdiction for the fight against crimeé organized (Junalco) have opened an investigation for "murder and attempted murder" and "éescape in an organized gang", entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Crime (OCLCO) and the Rouen judicial police. In this hunt, major means are out. The National Fugitive Search Brigade (BNRF), the national anti-gang BRI and the banditry repression brigades from Rennes and Nantes are on deck.

The Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti visited meeting the colleagues of the deceased to show their support, and their determination and that of the State to the idea of ​​capturing "The Fly" – Mohamed Amra – and his accomplices, now considered “public enemies number 1”. For his part, the socialist mayor of Alençon Joaquim Pueyo, former director of the prisons of Fresnes and Fleury-Mérogis assures that he ' quot;we will have to find solutions to strengthen securityé of these escorts. The vehicles, the weaponry, is it suitable for use? face &agrav; guns à pump or assault. I think there are a lot of reforms going on in the world. do " he declared. in the columns of Figaro.

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