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LIVE. Violence in New Caledonia: the now feared “civil war”

The riots in New Caledonia have already started. has killed five people since Monday, including two police officers. In total, 206 people were affected. arrested on an &island "close to the civil war" in the words of a deputy Renaissance of the overseas territory.

The essentials

  • The violent riots continued in New Caledonia during the night of Wednesday May 15 to Thursday May 16, after the first altercations that occurred on Monday , on the sidelines of an independentist mobilization.
  • Five people died during the riots. L'Élysée announced the death of three people this Wednesday, while a seriously injured gendarme& oacute; shot died after succumbing to &agrav; his injuries. Before a second was killed, Thursday, by an "accidental shooting". 
  • The state of emergency has been entered. effective Wednesday à 8 p.m. Paris time, i.e. Thursday à 5 a.m. à Nouméa, for a duration of 12 days. A deputy Macronist judges this Thursday morning the situation "close to civil war" on the archipelago.
  • The Prime Minister announced, Wednesday evening, the deployment of the army in New Caledonia to secure of the port and the airport and informed that the high commissioner in this territory had declared "a curfew and ban on Tik Tok".
  • Emmanuel Macron summoned a defense council this Thursday morning at 11 a.m. à at the Elysée, just after a new crisis meeting supervised by the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal.
  • 70 new arrests took place over the last 24 hours. According to Louis Le Franc, High Commissioner of the Republic, no less than 64 gendarmes and police officers were arrested. injured and more than 206 rioters were killed. arrested since the start of the overflows on Monday.


12:32 – "A lot of young delinquents are on the move, they are armed"

Marie, 20 years old, a resident of Nouméa testifiedé this Thursday at the microphone of RTL about the living conditions on site, and the difficulties encountered by the locals: "It's horrible, the nights are summed up &agrav; his two, three hour naps. The curfew is not respected by everyone" she explains. "Many young delinquents are on the move, they are armed, thatçthat scares us. We are really terrified" confides the young woman to the media.

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A little earlier in this live, we announced the death of a second gendarme after an accidental shooting, while the gendarmes “hired to ensure a security mission”. The gendarmerie has just given more details on the conditions of death. In detail, the soldier was é "youé by the accidental shooting of one of his colleagues.

Azerbaïdjan denounces Gérald Darmanin's accusations of interference in New Caledonia "unfounded"  "We totally reject the unfounded accusations of the French minister. We deny any connection between the leaders of the struggle for freedom and Caledonian and Azerbaijan indicates Azerbaijani diplomacy in a communiqué.

As a reminder, the French Minister of the Interior regretted that some of the Caledonian independence leaders had made a deal with the Caledonians. Azerbaïdjan, it's indisputable. This gives an idea of ​​what democracy is sometimes like if we listened to certain leaders. But I want to say that today, even though there are attempts at interference, no country accedes & ;agrave; violence in New Caledonia, France is sovereign at home. Regarding this potential interference, G&rald Darmanin assured that it was "not a fantasy, it's a reality ;". 

According to information from BFMTV, the Defense and Security Council National President by Emmanuel Macron began this Thursday, May 16. It follows the meeting of the committee interministerial crisis led by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, this morning, é 8h30.

11:29 – Gabriel Attal announces the establishment of an air bridge to New Caledonia donie

"I’chaired the this morning a new crisis unit. The sending of significant reinforcements, by setting up an air bridge, will allow the return of order and guarantee the supply of the & here in essential products " wrote Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on X this Thursday, after having chaired the a second interministerial crisis unit Paris à 8:30 a.m. "Everything is being done to ensure that Caldonians regain the order and calm to which they are entitled" he continues.

11:13 – Caledonian hospitals at an impasse

< p>This Thursday, the Association for the Treatment of Renal Insufficiency (ATIR) of New Caledonia warns of the "lack of dialysis". "Many old people in the country may not last the next twenty-four &agrave years. forty-eight hours. We are doing our best to treat them with the few positions that are still available. available to us, but we can't do it anymore. regret the health professionals on site, comments relayed by the 1ère Nouvelle Calédonie.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">10:54 – The return à the order is "prioré the continuation of a dialogue" affirms Gabriel Attal

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal affirmed; that the return to order in New Caledonia was “previous” the continuation of a dialogue" reports this Thursday morning BFMTV. An exit which precedes the new Defense and Security Council. national à the Elysé by the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron.

This Thursday, a gendarme was arrested. youé in New Caledonia after an "accidental shooting" announced the Minister of the Interior G&ald Darmanin, comments relayed by Le Figaro. "From the first elements, the death would be due to the injuries caused by a shot accidental, while the gendarmes were engaged to ensure a security mission" he explains in a press release. The gendarme was preparing an armored vehicle. when he wasé you.

09:56 – End of the committee interministerial crisis response

The committee Presidential Crisis Interministerial Committee by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is now complete. This meeting will be followed by a Defense and Security Council. national à the Elysée which should start around 11 a.m. He will be chaired by by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

According to information from Le Figaro, the Prime Minister is currently holding an interministerial crisis unit for New Caledonia from the Ministry of the Interior. It follows à the one held yesterday, Wednesday, at around 8 p.m. Gabriel Attal will subsequently visit à the Elysée for the Defense Council brought together by the head of state Emmanuel Macron. This Defense Council should begin around 11 a.m. Paris time.

09:17 – 1,000 police officers in additional gendarmes on site

The Minister of the Interior announced this Thursday of deployment of 1,000 additional members of the police in New Caledonia to restore order on the archipelago . "Calm will be restored" said Gérald Darmanin on France 2. "We go from 1,700 & 2,700 police officers and gendarmes. However, "we cannot say that the State has regained control" did he hold à temper.

09:03 – 5,000 rioters last night

The High Commissioner of the Republic Louis Le Franc indicates this Thursday that 5,000 rioters were present in New Caledonia during the last night of riots. À Nouméa, there were between 3,000 and 4,000.

08:48 – The extended curfew ; &agrav; Noumeéa

The curfew will be extended &agrav; Noumea announced the High Commissioner of the Republic during a press conference this Thursday. It will therefore be effective from this Thursday 6 p.m., until 6 p.m. Friday à 6 hours. Louis Le Franc indicatedé that last night had been "a little less violent than the previous one".

At the RMC microphone, the dé puté Renaissance Nicolas Metzdorf claimed  being threatened by of death "because I am one of the non-independentist leaders there". The latter affirms that the situation in the overseas territory is "close to civil war" où "all Caledonians are under threat of death". 

08:22 – Azerbaijani interference in New Caledonia denounced by Gérald Darmanin

< p>"This is not a fantasy, it's a reality. I regret that some of the Caledonian independence leaders made a deal with Azerbaijan, that is indisputable. This gives an idea of ​​what democracy is sometimes like if we listened to certain leaders. But I want to say that today, even though there are attempts at interference, no country accedes & ;agrave; violence in New Caledonia, France is sovereign at home" indicated Gérald Darmanin, this Tuesday morning regarding the threat of foreign interference in New Caledonia.

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The riots continue and the toll rises in New Caledonia. Four people have died since the violence erupted. on the archipelago announced l'Elysée, Wednesday May 15, & the outcome of the defense and security council summoned by Emmanuel Macron.

The violence and riots observed since Monday May 13 in the Pacific territory have left hundreds injured according to G&rald Darmanin, including&eacute;amp; ;nbsp;"around a hundred gendarmes who wereé evacuated while the attack was underway. the ax of their gendarmerie and that they were fired upon live bullets" added the Minister of the Interior.

Macron establishes state of emergency in New Caledonia

Emmanuel Macron spoke with a handful of ministers for more than two hours this Wednesday morning during a defense and security council. summoned emergency. During the meeting, the head of state declared: that "all violence is intolerable and will be the subject of an implacable response to ensure the return of republican order& ;quot; depending on the presidency and the triggering of the state of emergency was probably at the heart of the conversations: ;"The President of the Republic askedé that the decree aimed at declare a state of emergency in New Caledonia is registered with the the agenda of the Council of Ministers which will meet at 4:30 p.m. announced l'Élysée in a press release.

Indeed, Emmanuel Macron has decided; to trigger a state of emergency in New Caledonia & the outcome of the defense and security council organized Wednesday morning. "Violence is never tolerable or justifiable under any circumstances. I want to salute all the security forces. engaged. Priority is to find order, calm and serenity. he added during his speech in the hémicycle.

The Head of State reiterates his call for calm throughout the world. the address of the inhabitants of New Caledonia, but also to that of local elected officials. The latter, whether independentists or loyalists, also called for independence. "quiet and à the reason" in a joint declaration. Both the government and local elected officials encourage the resumption of discussions on constitutional reform, the adoption of which will be set fire to the powder. "The President of the Republic recalled" the need for for a resumption of political dialogue and asked for to the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories to quickly invite the Caledonian delegations to attend the meeting. Paris", also announced the press releaseé of the Elysée.

The High Commissioner of the Republic evokes an “insurrectional” situation

The authorities fear the continuation and above all an amplification of the violence. "I let you imagine what will happen if militias start to attack “shooting people with guns,” he said. Louis Le Franc, the High Commissioner of the Republic, who describes the situation as insurrectional. Several exchanges of fire buckshot between the rioters and the civil defense groups at Nouméa and Paita" and an "attempted intrusion & the brigade of Saint Michel" have been censuses.

The tensions and violence affecting the archipelago have been exacerbated. revived by the vote of the National Assembly having adopted the constitutional reform which aims to Expand the local electoral body. A text highly contested by the Caledonian independentist elected officials. Some of them are calling for the text to be withdrawn, judging that calm cannot return as long as the reform in its current version is in the pipeline.

206 arrests à Nouméa

At least 206 arrests took place à Noumea and elsewhere in New Caledonia between Monday and Thursday according to the High Commissioner of the Republic. 1,800 police officers and gendarmes are on site according to the Ministry of the Interior and 500 other members of the police will be deployed. eacute;s in the next few hours. 

School establishments "will remain closed until September new order" specifies the vice-rectorate of New Caledonia. Tontoura airport remains closed for the time being. to commercial flights. "The time is not serious, it is very serious. If the call for calm is not heard, there will be many deaths in the Noum'a area today. We have entered a dangerous spiral, a deadly spiral" regretted Louis Le Franc during a press conference.

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