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Event organizers will love this new WhatsApp feature

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Today, WhatsApp is much more than just an alternative to SMS. Indeed, Meta has continued to enrich its messaging application with new features, in order to remain competitive. For example, WhatsApp now includes a feature called Community, which allows you to create and organize discussions as you would on the Slack or Discord applications.

Events on WhatsApp

Communities are a kind of giant chat groups, which can include up to 2,000 members, and several dozen subgroups. And in addition to allowing people to organize their discussions (colleagues, associations, enthusiasts of a particular theme, etc.), WhatsApp Communities now include a new functionality for event organizers.

“With Events, it's now easier to schedule meetings directly in WhatsApp, whether you're organizing a virtual meeting or a birthday dinner. Anyone can create an event that others can respond to, so the whole group knows who's coming. Guests can also find the event on the group's information page, and those who attend will receive a notification when the event approaches”, can – we read in the announcement of this feature.

A new feature that will be available everywhere

Additionally, the feature will not be reserved for WhatsApp Communities. For the moment, this is reserved for Communities groups, but Meta indicates that later, we will be able to organize events in all groups of the messaging service.

In any case, thanks to this functionality, WhatsApp is increasing the uses of its application and strengthening its competitiveness. Indeed, if WhatsApp is today one of the most used apps in the world, it has major competitors, including Telegram.

Recently, the boss of Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced that this application should exceed one billion active users per month in 2024.

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  • WhatsApp continues to launch new features
  • This already has “Communities” which allow to organize discussions like on Slack or Discord
  • And these Communities now have a feature to organize events
  • This feature will later be available for all groups on WhatsApp
  • The uses of WhatsApp are increasing, making the app more competitive, while its rival Telegram is on the verge of exceeding one billion users
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