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Everything you need to know about WWDC: date, times, program and potential announcements

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The Worldwide Developer Conference will be held June 10-14, with the popular opening keynote scheduled for the first day. This event, dedicated as its name indicates above all to app creators, allows you to discover each year the majority of Apple's new software releases for the coming months. For the upcoming edition, it is rumored that the emphasis will be on artificial intelligence.

Despite its significant interest for developers, the keynote is also followed by the general public because Apple presents its features in images. For coders, Cupertino will go into detail in the following days. In this file, we have listed the different key moments of the show. So here's everything you need to know before the big day.

Opening keynote

< p>The traditional opening keynote of the Worldwide Developer Conference will take place on Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. (Paris time). The presentation should not last more than two and a half hours.

Platforms State of the Union

The keynote “Platforms State of the Union” is not intended for everyone, but is aimed only at developers. And for good reason ; Apple should here go into detail about the new features dedicated to them, in particular mentioning specific tools and key partitions.

The meeting is set for June 10 at thirteen hours, so twenty-two hours at home.

The Worldwide Developer Conference was originally an event held in Cupertino, now at Apple's headquarters. But only a few select media and developers have the opportunity to participate, after being invited. Then they still have to register, but it's too late today anyway. For others, fortunately, the opening keynote and other sessions presenting new products will be broadcast online.

Follow the keynote instantly

You can follow the WWDC opening keynote in four different ways:

  • via our live, on Presse-citron.net
  • on YouTube, with the official Apple channel streaming the event live
  • on the Apple TV app, available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Vision Pro, Apple TV, and select smart TVs
  • on the Apple Developer app, available on iPhone, Apple Vision Pro, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac

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Catch up on WWDC after it airs

Latecomers will have the opportunity to watch the keynote after its broadcast, via the same YouTube link. From experience, however, we know that delayed content is not published immediately after the conference. You will probably have to wait a few hours before enjoying it.

For editors, please note that different feature presentation sessions will take place after the keynote. These will also be accessible on YouTube, but on Apple's new channel dedicated to developers.

Of course, you will also be able to benefit from ;a summary of the WWDC on Presse-citron.net and other articles dedicated in turn to the new features of iOS 18, macOS 15, etc.

At the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI. It is thus Sam Altman's company which would be responsible for providing the algorithm in charge of improving iOS 18 with artificial intelligence. The GPT-4 language model, already available via ChatGPT, is tipped to be the lucky one, perhaps alongside DALL-E for image generation.

What's new for iOS 18 ?

In all likelihood, iOS 18 will appear as the most important update iPhones since the range's debut in 2007.

iOS 18 should be announced with the following new features, among others:

  • better conversational capabilities for Siri, thanks to artificial intelligence
  • new emojis
  • l’autocompletion of messages dictated orally, to finish your sentences for you
  • the “Scenes” to pin elements in a very large Freeform document
  • a new design of the interface, of an unprecedented scale, except as during the passage to iOS 7
  • an integration between the Notes and Calculator app, to integrate mathematical calculations into your sticky notes
  • CarPlay: voice control, changing interface colors for color blind people and recognition of surrounding noises for deaf and hard of hearing users
  • the possibility of transcribing voice memos recorded with Dictaphone into text form, notably in Notes
  • RCS support for Messages (cross-platform reactions, support for high-resolution images and audio content, possibility of knowing live when your correspondent is writing, cross-platform acknowledgments of receipt and sending of messages via the Wi-Fi network)
  • oral notification summaries via Siri, with artificial intelligence
  • des article reports in Safari using artificial intelligence
  • support for personalized routes in Apple Maps
  • integration of artificial intelligence into the Health app
  • eye-liner tracking, to control iOS 18 by through our eye movements via the TrueDepth sensor
  • Music Haptics: “people using it will be able to experience music through vibrations, pulsations and refined textures
  • end visual search at the end in Photos
  • a navigation assistant in the Safari browser, like Aria with Opera
  • Vocal Shortcuts would launch a feature by saying a word of your choice
  • playlists created with generative artificial intelligence in Apple Music
  • generating images in Keynote
  • generating text in Pages
  • Numbers could guess the formulas you need, thanks to AI
  • Mail update
  • update of Form
  • integration between Calendar and Reminders, to make the latter appear in your calendar, as Google already does with Tasks

Apple Vision Pro

Apple is expected to reveal the Apple Vision Pro release date for markets outside the United States at WWDC. The mixed reality headset is already available from Uncle Sam for $3,499. It could cost 4 249 euros in mainland France.

During WWDC, Apple presents its major software updates. The event will therefore also be an opportunity to discover visionOS 2, in other words the new edition of the Apple Vision Pro operating system.


macOS 15 is also expected to be announced during WWDC, but few features have leaked so far. If not a major overhaul of the Calculator app, it would finally be possible to resize as you wish.

Although the Worldwide Developer Conference is more focused on new software releases, it is not uncommon to discover product launches there. Mostly Macs, actually. But for the year 2024, no such machine would be in the pipeline. We will therefore certainly have to wait before discovering the Mac Pro M4 Ultra, the Mac Studio M3 Ultra, the iMac Pro M4 and the Mac mini M3 or M4.

Other expected announcements

  • watchOS 11 and its new features
  • tvOS 18, operating system for Apple TV
  • iPadOS 18, with most of its new features modeled on those of iOS 18 (both platforms are based on the same source code)
  • the developer beta release date of all announced updates (probably the evening of June 10, just after the keynote)
  • the final release date of all the announced updates (probably in September)
  • the public beta release date of all announced updates (probably July)

Apple could also reveal some new features for its wireless headphones, AirPods, and for its connected speakers. These are the HomePod and the HomePod mini.

Two competitions not to be missed!

< p>The winners of the Swift Student Challenge are also invited to visit Apple Park during the Worldwide Developer Conference. This competition rewards young developers who create innovative or useful applications.

At the same time, the winners of the Apple Design Awards will also get their moment of glory. As its name suggests, this competition meets the apps with the best graphical interfaces.

Training during WWDC

Developers attending the Worldwide Developer Conference, whether online or in California, will have two ways to learn about what's new in iOS and other platforms. This is very useful, because learning this way allows you to be prepared when the time comes to code your own applications to submit to the App Store. Not only so that they offer a better experience to their users by taking advantage of the latest options added to iOS or macOS, but also for the sake of compliance with the rules of the official app store, which is very restrictive in this area.

First of all, by meeting Apple employees, experts in their field, including engineers but also designers. To benefit from this benefit, you must be a member of the Apple Developer and Apple Developer Enterprise programs. Live exchanges are also planned via the forums on the Apple site dedicated to third-party app creators.

The second solution for training, less personalized, takes the form of “sessions” written or video. There will be more than a hundred of these short courses, and can be viewed on the Apple Developer YouTube channel or on the Apple Developer app for iPhone and Mac.

  • iOS 18 will certainly be revealed at WWDC
  • The opening keynote is scheduled for June 10 at 7 p.m. (Paris time)
  • The focus should be on artificial intelligence
  • It is possible to follow the keynote live on YouTube and via our live

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