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What to do with your old iPad ? Don't throw it away, here are some ideas to give it a second life

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The frenetic pace of technological advances often encourages us to constantly renew our devices. However, these old digital companions retain valuable resources. Before you get rid of them, why not give them a second life ? Here are some ways to keep your iPad from gathering dust. Just because the iPad Pro M4 is out doesn't mean the older ones are obsolete, far from it.

A beautiful digital photo frame

With the Photos application, you can easily create albums and scroll through them in slideshow mode. Many dedicated accessories (cases, wall brackets, external batteries) are available to facilitate this reconversion. Enough to transform it into a very beautiful object to display in your living room.

Transform it into a second screen

It is entirely possible to make your iPad a second screen for your Mac using the Sidecar software. To do this, your iPad must not be too old and must be running iPadOS 13 minimum and your Mac must be running macOS Catalina. Both devices must be connected to the same Apple account and you can enjoy the joys of dual-screen at a lower cost!

Weather at your fingertips

Thanks to standard weather applications (Apple Weather) or third-party applications (WunderStation for example), your iPad can become a real weather forecast station. Even better, you can connect your tablet to connected objects like Arduino or Raspberry Pi to monitor outdoor sensors.

The smart home at your command

Home automation devices are becoming more and more popular: connected lights, thermostats or cameras, the list grows from year to year. Control them easily using your old tablet which can become the center of your connected home. No need to have the most recent applications to control Apple Homekit, Home or Nest from Google.

A traveling companion

If your iPad has a cellular connection, retrain it as a car navigation assistant. A windshield or dashboard mount and off you go! Install Waze or Google Maps and you have a very nice GPS.

The ideal library

If you subscribe to dedicated online services (Kindle, Apple Books or Goodreads for example), you can turn your iPad into a digital e-reader. Even though it may not have the same reading comfort or autonomy as a real e-reader, it can still help out.

A modern-day alarm clock

An iPad can transform into an elegant and complete alarm clock, to place next to your bed or to take with you when you travel. Apps like Easy Rise Alarm Clock, Alarmy, or Sleep Cycle offer a ton of great features. Sleep analysis, customizable alarms, smart wake-up at the optimal time of the sleep cycle, detailed graphs and statistics about your sleep, notes and sleep log.

If you don& #8217;are not convinced by this little list, know that you can always donate, recycle(solidarity collections, telecom operator collection programs, etc.) or resell your iPad (Apple trade-in program). In any case, all these avenues are good to avoid the discharge.

  • It is entirely possible to give your old iPad a second life.
  • Digital photo frame, weather station, e-reader, GPS, etc. It can still be useful in many cases.
  • You can also give it away or resell it.

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