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Eye Comfort: what is this label that protects your eyes (from your smartphone) ?

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For several years now, at DxOMark, the ambition has been to allow users to make informed choices in complete autonomy based on comparison elements, data and objective rankings. And if the initial expertise was limited to photography (the new king of photography was recently designated), the company has diversified to develop real expertise in evaluating the quality of smartphones, in terms of image, audio, display, battery… Recently, DxOMark added a new label.

A new label just for our eyes at DxOMark ?

Since 2003, DxOMark has been responsible for evaluating the quality of cameras. The latter having been replaced by our precious smartphones, it is quite naturally the latter that society is scrutinizing very closely from now on. And since the end of April, DxOMark has introduced a new testing protocol

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Expert in-house experts have streamlined the testing process by reducing it from six to four essential attributes: readability, video, color and touch. In response to growing user concerns about the impact of time spent in front of a screen on health, in particular on sleep, DxOMark has proposed a new label: Eye Comfort.

This label is designed to assess key factors that affect our visual experience and comfort, such as blue light filtering and flicker perception. Because yes, given that we spend an average of 4 hours and 40 minutes each day with our eyes glued to the screen of our smartphone, it is important to know to what extent it damages our retinas.

Eye Comfort: what is this label that protects your eyes (from your smartphone) ?

© DxOMark

The “Eye Comfort” label serves as a specific guide for users to enjoy their smartphones without neglecting the potential impacts on visual comfort. The DxOMark label is based on four aspects recognized by scientific communities: flicker, brightness level, blue light emission and color consistency.

On each test results page, you will now find detailed information on the results of each device, including an analysis of eye comfort criteria. “Often overlooked, temporal light artifacts play an important role in visual comfort and warrant careful evaluation” believes Arnold Wilkins, of the University of Essex.

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