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These 2 brands prepare fast charging at 300 W: 100% battery in 5 minutes ?

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Currently, some smartphones already use very fast charging systems. For example, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is capable of recharging its 5,000 mAh battery to 100% in 33 minutes. And the Realme GT3, thanks to its 240 W fast charging, can recharge its 4 600 mAh battery in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

But if you are still not satisfied with the charging speeds offered by the models available on the market, know that at least two brands are already working on fast charging technology at 300 W  : Redmi and Realme.

After Redmi, Realme makes an announcement

In 2023, Redmi (a brand of Xiaomi) made headlines by publishing a video demonstrating this technology. Equipped with 300W charging, a smartphone modified for the demonstration managed to recharge a 4 100 mAh battery in 5 minutes. And recently, during In an interview with YouTube channel The Tech Chap, Francis Wong, the marketing manager of Realme Global, announced that Realme is working on similar technology.< /p>

The video focuses mainly on the Realme GT 6, the brand's new smartphone. But in it, Wong also announces that Realme is already testing 300W fast charging.

For the moment, no date

Unfortunately, the manager did not give more technical details. However, we can assume that Realme's technology will have comparable performance to that of the 300W charging presented by Redmi in 2023.

Otherwise, for the moment, it is not known when these 300W fast charging technologies will be available on commercial models. But in any case, these announcements signal the willingness of Chinese manufacturers to push the limits, as regards the speed of recharging smartphones.

  • In 2023, Redmi released a video showing a 300W fast charging system
  • In the video, a smartphone is charged to 100% in just 5 minutes
  • A manager of the Realme brand has just announced, in an interview, that it is working on similar technology
  • < li>But at the moment, we don't know when the first smartphone with 300W fast charging will be available on the market

< blockquote>

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