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Facebook Messenger will finally stop reducing the quality of your photos

Meta has just announced that its "Facebook Messenger" will soon support a new HD resolution for your photos.

You certainly already have this idea. experienced this situation: a photo captured last weekend that you want to share with others someone close to you, so you send it to a conversation in the "Facebook Messenger" application, and the quality is improved. is strangely much worse than in your photo. original.

No need to touch the settings of your application or your Facebook account, this situation is completely safe. actually normal. Indeed, &agrav; Currently, Facebook Messenger does not take into account the quality of your content. photo only up to 2K. If you would like to share a photo in 4K, the option was not possible until now.

Meta has just announced the arrival of an "HD" for sending your photos within the application! Except that here, the mention "HD" concerns the quality 4K since the true quality HD was already there. available so far (you are still following ?).

In a few weeks, it will now be possible to select the "HD" when you get ready to play send a photo à one of your contacts. By selecting the latter, your photo can be sent in high quality. 4K while without the option activated, the shot is higher. will be shared in quality 2K maximum.

Facebook Messenger will finally stop reducing the quality of your photos

The "HD" will allow you to activate the quality 4K on your photos. © Meta

In addition to this better quality option, Meta also announces that Messenger users will now be able to send up to 100 Mb of files when the previous limit was 25 Mb. Voilaà enough to send more photos and videos in very good quality. &agrav; your friends!

Finally, Facebook Messenger users will also be able to create photo albums via their Facebook Messenger app. share with each other. This will prevent group discussions from ending up with a multitude of photos sent one to another. the rest of the others.

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