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Attack on the iPhone: why you might receive a message from Apple ?

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This is a very serious warning from Apple. The Cupertino company sent notifications this Wednesday to users in 92 countries to warn them that they may have been targeted by spyware. The apple brand does not give any additional information regarding the nations concerned.

A formidable attack

The message is in the following form:

Apple has detected that you are the target of mercenary spyware that is attempting to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID -xxx-. This attack is likely targeting you because of your identity or activities. Although it is never possible to achieve absolute certainty in detecting such attacks.

The Tech giant does not say exactly who is behind this attack, but we do know that these are groups probably sponsored and financed by states. They have millions of dollars to carry out these very targeted offensives which often target journalists, activists or politicians.

The company wishes to reassure and announces that it sends these notifications several times a year and that it has already notified customers in more than 150 countries since 2021.

While many elections are being held this year, the company continues as follows: “We are unable to provide further information about what caused us to send you this notification, as this may help mercenary spyware attackers adapt their behavior to avoid damaging your malware. #8217;be detected in the future”.

This affair inevitably brings to mind the Pegasus scandal, the spy software from the company NSO which has made it possible to infiltrate the smartphones of many people around the world.

iPhones are not spared

We will have to follow this issue carefully, but it is in any case reassuring to see that a company like Apple remains very attentive to this threat at this key moment for many democracies.

As a reminder, and despite these security measures, iPhones are sometimes targeted by cyberattacks. We recently told you about this Trojan horse which targets smartphone facial recognition. Very dangerous, this malware is capable of recovering banking data by stealing your biometric data. For more information, we invite you to reread our article which goes into detail about this threat.

What you need to remember:< /p>

  • Apple notified iPhone users in 92 countries yesterday
  • It is possible that their smartphone was targeted by spyware
  • These are very targeted attacks perhaps aimed at influencing the many elections that are taking place in 2024

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