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The Vision Pro finds its salvation among professionals

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Apple has just published a press release highlighting several case studies demonstrating the benefit of using the Vision Pro mixed reality headset in business, which is reminiscent of the success of Google Glass among this same audience. We discover in particular, in this paper, that a German car manufacturer, a Dutch airline or even the software developer SAP particularly appreciate the value proposition of the device. The latter makes it possible to replace a computer and its external monitors, generating as many virtual screens as desired. As with Xmind or with the Freeform app, also offered by Apple, we then have a working canvas whose surface area is quite simply unlimited. This is a real, significant advantage for nomads, who for example need to multitask on the plane or on public transport.

To qualify, let us note that numerous tests of the Apple Vision Pro reveal that the device is not very comfortable over time. The material is therefore rather heavy and weighs a lot on the front of the face. But in its defense, the Apple firm indicates that only two hours of autonomy await users. This is without counting on the possibility of using an external battery. And to really replace our laptops as the Apple company is proposing, it would be necessary to be able to offer us a longer-term experience.

A solution in the pipeline< /h2>

To remedy this, Apple would however already have THE solution in mind. It is rumored that the company wants to unveil a new mixed reality headset by 2027. The device could be much more comfortable than the first model, but also more affordable. The price would thus drop by almost half, compared to that of its predecessor. As is often the case with this type of rumor, let us point out that this is just a rumor. The manufacturer has therefore not confirmed the file, generally preferring to keep its future products secret for several years.

However, we assume that the technical sheet would also be revised downwards, with this future Apple Vision (the name is our sole responsibility). Cupertino could in particular offer us a display with a lower definition than the 4K of the Vision Pro. The chip could also prove to be a little less efficient, and the number of sensors would also be more limited. Ming-Chi Kuo, a star analyst when it comes to predicting Apple's future, thinks that this product will be aimed more at the general public. Until then, you will have to make do with an item still priced at $3,499 in the United States.

The device is arriving soon in France

The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is currently only available from Uncle Sam. This direct competitor to the Meta Quest Pro or PlayStation VR, which are also very well made, should however arrive on the European market in 2024. The precise release date of the device on the Old Continent could be specified by the manufacturer before it organizes its traditional annual Worldwide Developer Conference.< /p>

In the meantime, the Apple Vision Pro can be tested for a few dozen euros by booking a rental on exchange platforms between individuals . Sites of this type also allow you to purchase the device, but often for four thousand euros or more. This sum also corresponds to the amount that should be requested from the French, during the deployment of the helmet within France.

Ultimately, analysts believe that mixed reality could represent five hundred billion dollars in revenue for Apple.

  • L&amp ;#8217;Apple Vision Pro is ideal for replacing a nomadic workstation
  • The headset is not very comfortable over time
  • A more comfortable version is coming in 2027
  • The Vision Pro allows you to replace external monitors by generating virtual screens.< /li>

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