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Faced with criticism, Aya Nakamura counterattacks

After the controversy surrounding Emmanuel Macron's choice to have Aya Nakamura sing at the opening of the Olympic Games, the singer is getting annoyed.

Silent since the start of the controversy, Aya Nakamura rises to the forefront. Since the revelation, in L'Express, of a choice that Emmanuel Macron would have made to see the singer perform during the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, this ' This summer, criticism is raining down on social networks or in the media. Worse, this weekend, the identity collective Les Natifs, which is breaking ;written as "proud and rooted young Parisians", have installedé a banner à Paris, where it was written: "There's no way Aya. This is Paris, not the market. from Bamako."

This &agrav; to which Aya Nakamura herself responded on social networks, coming out of her reserve: "You can be racist but not deaf. This is what hurts you! I am becoming a state subject number 1 in debates etc but what do I really owe you? Kedal (sic).& quot;

Faced with attacks from the Natives, several artists took up the defense of Aya Nakamura. "That's why we're late here. You lynch the biggest artist in the country with fourth grade arguments… C&# 39;éwasn't even a fight but mtn she has to sing, we're going to support", writes for example the rapper Dadju on X (formerly Twitter).  And à the controversy escalates to politicians: "The violence of racist and sexist remarks against Aya Nakamura on the fallacious pretext of not appreciating her artistically borders on national harassment against a young woman! And racism is not an opinion, it's a crime, written from his side. Marlene Schiappa.

L'élu éecologist Sandrine Rousseau concludes: "The racism behind the refusal of Aya Nakamura is indecent. She's one of the best, an international Queen. And çit will give another image of France. An image of an open and tolerant France. Not that of little feet. Strongly."

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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