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Family missing in Gard: father found lifeless, children still nowhere to be found

Since Saturday evening, a father and his two children have been missing in the Gard following floods. The father was finally arrested. found lifeless this Monday morning.

Storm Monica wreaked havoc. Gard was particularly popular touched. This Sunday evening, three people were still missing there and among them, two children, aged 4 and 13 years old. With their parents, they would have tried to to cross a submersible bridge by car, which was not closed &agrav; traffic, around 11:30 p.m. Saturday evening à Dions. By taking refuge on the roof, the family managed to escape. contact emergency services. When they arrived, only the mother, who had taken refuge in the village. in a tree, was able to be rescued. The father and children were apparently killed. carried away by the swollen river. The vehicle wasé found empty downstream from the scene of the tragedy. 

Around 11 a.m. this Monday, the prefect of Gard finally announced: that the body of a man had been destroyed. found and that it was the father of the family that was being sought. since Saturday. The children remain untraceable. This terrible discovery leads to a four the number of deaths linked to bad weather this weekend. 

The mother of the missing 41-year-old man, once distraught, had explained that she had at Parisien having welcomed the family for dinner on Saturday: "When they left, around 11 p.m., he It was raining hard, but there was nothing alarming either. It was my daughter-in-law who took the wheel, she doesn't drink a drop of alcohol and is never reckless".

This Sunday, 32 firefighters, including 20 underwater rescuers, but also drones and a helicopter were called to the rescue. mobilized. The research had finally been carried out. interrupted à nightfall before resuming this Monday at night. dawn. According to the deputy departmental director of the Gard firefighters   According to the AFP, the searches proved dangerous given "the situation of the rivers". With the decline of the Gardon, new spaces have been created. accessible this Monday for searches. The device was é "recalibratedé depending on the drop in watercourses. 200 gendarmes and 110 firefighters then had to respond. new summer mobilized to find the missing.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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