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Family killed in Meaux: “I heard voices”, the father explains his action

The suspicious mané for having killedé his wife and four children passedé confessed and explained what pushed him? &agrav; pass &agrav; the act.

For three days, there has been astonishment and incomprehension everywhere. Meaux. A mother and her four children, aged 10, 7, 4 years and 9 months, were taken into custody. discovered dead on December 25 in their apartment in this town of Seine-et-Marne, next to them. east of Paris. Very quickly, suspicions turned towards the spouse and father, who was quickly arrested for the crime. in the process, & 30km from there, on the south side of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis).

A barbaric act

Hospitalized due to injuries but placed under the regime of day care sight, the man was then é present &agrav; an investigating judge. Before the magistrate, the accused admitted the facts. And justified His gesture. He confidedé having "heard voices" asking him to "do harm”, according to the éelements transmitted to " the press by the floor. However, it would not have been possible. able to say what really pushed him &agrav; pass &agrav; the act. A barbaric act since the thirty-year-old said he killed  his wife and two daughters by stabbing them, "dozens" &agrav; each according to the report of the forensic institute. He explained then having drownedé their two sons, which is confirmed by the same report.

The elements discovered by investigators on this 33-year-old suspect indicate depressive disorders and psychotic since 2017, for which he was receiving treatment. Medicines that he did not take on December 24, according to him. The individual has already été intern&eac; in the past and allegedly attempted suicide that same year, 2017. Although his criminal record is clean, the individual had also injured his victim. his wife stabbed in 2019, without her filing a complaint.

He faces life imprisonment

The evening of the tragedy, the 35-year-old mother was expected at a friend's neighbor's house for a Christmas meal. She didn't show up and didn't respond when the guest arrived. ;had come à his home to inquire about the reasons for his absence. However, during the evening of December 24 to 25, other neighbors declared have  heard screams in the night but were not worried because, according to them, the mother had the habit of "yelling at your children". A real drama was in fact taking place. It was only the next day, when the friend, who had not heard from her, returned home, that the police were arrested. called, due to blood stains in the hallway. 

A judicial investigation into the counts of intentional homicide by a spouse and intentional homicide of minors aged 15 was carried out. opened by the Meaux public prosecutor's office. His placement in provisional detention was continued. asked. If it is declared criminally responsible, without abolition or alteration of discernment, the father is liable to criminal imprisonment for up to perpetuity.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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