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Fatal fire in Paris: an explosion to cover up a shooting death ?

One of the victims of the fire which broke out in a building in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, on Sunday, April 7, was carried out. found with a gunshot wound to the head. The origin of the explosion remains unclear. determine.

An explosion and a fire which covered up a gunshot death ? The drama which unfolded in the building at 146 rue de Charonne, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Sunday evening takes a completely different turn. Investigators discovered on the body of one of the two victims who died and were found in the remains. There is an opening in the depths of the debris. by a weapon à fire at head level. After this discovery, the investigations opened for   "destruction by fire or dangerous means" and "manslaughter" entrusted to investigators from the 2nd judicial police district of the capital returned to the criminal brigade.

Investigators are always responsible for understanding how the crime unfolds. facts between the circumstances of the death of the three victims, in particular the one who had a gunshot wound, and the causes of the explosion. Several witnesses living there# 39;building devoré by the flames or neighboring homes indicated to the media including Le Parisienhaving heard several detonations during the day on Sunday before the explosion. "At least three detonations were heard. heard coming from the accommodation [where] caught the fire], during the day on Sunday, including one just before the start of the fire" confirmed a source close to the affair & BFMTV. The fire was brought under controlé and extinguished in the evening thanks to the mobilization of 66 firefighters and 17 engines.

Three dead in the fire

The fire started on the seventh floor of a building which has eight floors and located &agrav; 146 rue de Charonne, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, shortly after 8 p.m. and after an explosion. Despite Following the evacuation of residents of the building and occupants of neighboring homes, the tragedy left three people dead. Two people did not return ;eacute;also à escaped the flames and were killed. found in an apartment. The first investigations made it possible to discover traces of an injury possibly caused by a firearm. fire, without allowing us to specify whether these are the marks of a murder or a suicide. No weapons were fired. found in the rubble of the building.

The third victim, presented as the occupant of the accommodation where he lived. has started After the fire, she died while trying to escape through the window. ;egrave;s having triedé to reach a neighboring apartment via the facade, the man is out of the window. According to a source from BFMTV, "the man who fellé in the void was é found in possession of several identity documents different" and two of the victims wereé identified.

Hypotheses on the origin of the explosion

The explosion is happening. the origin of the fire as reported by several testimonies which mention a detonation just before the start of the fire. But the reasons for this explosion still remain unknown. The gas hypothesis, which has been proposed &agrav; The origin of previous incidents of the same type, has been investigated. mentioned but is refuted by the deputy mayor of the 11th arrondissement of Paris: "This is not No town gas because the building doesn't have any. The police, however, do not completely rule out this possibility. also recognized him read on franceinfo: "It's perhaps a city canister as some police officers suspect. This is not at all supportive. &agrav; this stage." The president of the co-ownership trusteeé is however of the same opinion as the elected as he made it known to the Parisien: & quot;There is no gas in the building which was blown up. renovation two years ago. According to him, the building dating from the 1970s is perfectly maintained. and cannot have been victim of a gas leak.

Several residents have considered an accident linked to &agrav; Electricity. For me it can't be gas. The explosion that occurred in the evening was a small boom, like a TV exploding. saidé one of them in the Ile-de-France newspaper. But for others, it's certain:  "It's not electricity' who can do such damage.

With the discovery of an injury that could have been caused by caused by a weapon fire on one of the victims, the hypothesis according to which the detonation corresponds to a gunshot may be considered. And could the fire have been? provoked to cover up the victim's death ? It's a question à to which investigators must provide answers. For the moment, investigations are continuing and the Paris prosecutor's office has indicated that that "any communication concerning this investigation appears premature".

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