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Fatal fire in Paris: one of the victims behind the double murder ?

While the murder weapon was é found, the sequence of events of the fatal fire rue de Charonne, à Paris becomes clearer. Suspicion falls on the tenant of the apartment where the incident took place. the flames have gone, the deceased have died. while trying to escape the fire through the facade of the building.

A double murder. The fire to erase the traces. Then, the fatal fall of the attacker trying to flee the flames. According to information from Parisien, this would be the preferred scenario. by investigators from the Paris judicial police to explain the fire that occurred on Sunday April 7, on the 7th floor of 146 rue de Charonne, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Three people were killed. found dead after the fire. While it is still too early to draw conclusions, the clues confided to ;agrave; the scientific police, could confirm the thesis. 

Discovery of the murder weapon

One of the corpses was destroyed. identified as being that of the tenant of the accommodation henceù the flames have gone. He would have defended himself; while trying to escape the fire via the facade of the building. In his studio, two other bodies, bearing bullet wounds, were destroyed. found charred. On the ground, fabrics and newspapers had been destroyed. probably soaked in gasoline. Broken glass from a hookah littered the floor.

The main hypothesis therefore supposes that the first would be the author of the shooting murder of his two guests. Then, to make the traces of his crime disappear, he allegedly set fire to the house. the crime scene by spraying his home with hydrocarbons. The alleged murderer would however have underestimated the consequences of rapid combustion and would have unwittingly been responsible for the explosion.

Another new element of the affair revealed this Friday, April 12 by the Parisian: the murder weapon was found. "She wasé discovery on Monday afternoon by the police in a trash can in the basement of the building, specifies a resident. […] Apparently, in addition to a gold colt, there were ammunition and clothes with traces of blood, indicated a tenant of the building to the newspaper.

An affair between Afghan refugees?

This latest discovery could well incriminate the tenant 38 years old. Refugee Afghan, he is described as "discreet, polite, without fuss”, by his neighbors. "He lived there for about two years.", confidedé a resident of the building at Le Parisien, who suggests that he must have been a worker "based on his work outfit' quot;. On him, the police found “several identity documents” different", advances BFMTV and four mobile phones, precise Le Parisien questioning the nature of his activity professional. 

One of the victims was also a refugee. Afghan. Identified by his best friend, Rashid lived in the Paris suburbs. He "worked in construction. He trained as a plumber. He had gone up a small company couriers, but he mainly went to construction sites,” says the victim's relative, assuring that he does not know the alleged incident. murderer of his friend. "If this happened" between Afghans, there is a chance that one day we will know the truth,” he confided. to the Parisian still in mourning. This Friday, April 12, the third corps still has not been deployed. identified. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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