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Two children aged 3 years and 19 months were taken into custody. found stabbed to death on the night of Thursday Friday, à Forges-les-Bains (Essonne). The father of the victims was arrested. placed on guard &agrav; view.

Two children were taken into custody found stabbed to death on the night of Thursday April 11 to Friday April 12 in Forges-les-Bains, in Essonne, according to information from < em>Parisian. The victims are a 3-year-old girl and a 19-month-old boy. for the other, indicatedé a source close to the investigation in the Ile-de-France newspaper.

Before the discovery of the two bodies, the father of the victims was arrested. transportation &agrav; Etampes hospital by emergency services after a car accident in which the man allegedly hit a vehicle. a tree. Taken care of by the nursing staff for his minor injuries, the individual declared that he had suffered minor injuries. have stabbed &agrav; his two children died. During his confidences, he also indicated: having wanted to commit suicide according to information from BFMTV. If the man expressed himself while he was under the influence of alcohol. according to the Parisian, the continuous news channel indicates that the blood alcohol and narcotics tests carried out on the kept &agrav; sight turned out to be negative. However, the results of the blood samples are not yet known.

The father specified that the place where The bodies of the two victims were located: in the trunk of a car located at proximity from a recycling center near the scene of the accident. After these statements similar to confessions, the man was arrested and placed on guard &agrav; seen by the gendarmes. An investigation into assassinations was carried out open and entrusted to the Palaiseau research brigade and à the Paris research section.

A crime against a backdrop of marital conflict ?

The indications given by the suspect on the location of the car made it possible to find the bodies of the two small ;nbsp;victims à Forges-les-Bains, after a few hours of research organized between Essonne and Yvelines. BFMTV specifies that the victims were   found in a field.

Further research has been carried out. carried out in the family of the arrested man, in Guyancourt and Elancourt in Yvelines. The suspect's wife was arrested. found alive at her sister's home. The couple experienced a complicated relationship, with the man accusing his wife of cheating on him for seven years.

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