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Is the mayor of Avallon involved in drug trafficking ? Her brother says no

Jamilah Habsaoui, the mayor of Avallon, as well as five other people were arrested. indicted on April 10 after the discovery of 70 kilos of cannabis at the elected official's home. Was the councilor aware of the presence of drugs in her home??

70 kg of cannabis, almost a kilo of cocaine, twenty gold bars and 7,000 euros in cash . This is the loot discovered at Jamilah Habsaoui, the mayor of Avallon (Yonne), during a seizure carried out in as part of a law enforcement operation. Seven people were arrested. arrested, including the dile but also two of his brothers, suspected of having used the family home to "store the goods".  Jamilah Habsaoui and five other people were then indicted and placed in provisional detention as part of an investigation for "drug trafficking".

Judicial information for "trafficking and detention of drugs" was é opened after the arrests of individuals, including Jamilah Habsaoui. But the mayor of Avallon was not, at first glance. Originally, not one of the main targets of the police who were mainly targeting one of the Edile's brothers already known for drug trafficking. to know whether or not the mayor was aware of the presence of drugs in her home and of the trafficking in which her brothers seem to have taken part. If the indictment and placement in custody The provisional detention suggests that investigators have based suspicions on the involvement of the edile, none clear communication was not provided done. The edile, like the other suspects, remains presumed innocent.

Jamilah Habsaoui "did'éwas not aware"

The lawyer for Rachid Habsaoui, one of the two brothers of the mayor of Avallon, asserts in an interview with France 3 that his client recognizes the facts with which he is accused. And that he exonerates his sister. Me César Lauwerie explains that his client "recognizes the facts of drug trafficking." Rachid Habsaoui "indicates that his sister was not aware that the drugs were stored in the home of Avallon & quot; and that they "é without the knowledge and consent of his sister.

The prosecutor explainedé in his press release; that a preliminary investigation was launched. in October 2023 made it possible to implicate two brothers of Jamilah Habsaoui as being able to engage in the habitual purchase and resale of narcotic drugs. leave their sister's home. A source close to the matter assured à our colleagues from Figaro that "this operation has been carried out well prepared in advance by the investigators who have been working on this case for several weeks.

Political withdrawal of Jamilah Habsaoui

Placement in custody à view of Jamilah Habsaoui had already caused a reaction, but after the announcement of the indictment of the councilor, the political forces of the mayor's region made arrangements. The elected various left of Avallon is also a regional delegate advisor in charge of rurality of Burgundy-Franche-Comté and member of the majorityé behind the socialist president of the region, Marie-Guite Dufay. Which one declared? Wednesday evening in a press release; that she "suspended the delegation of Jamilah Habsaoui". "I note her withdrawal from our political group”, she added again" calling, however, for respect for his person, who has been the subject of a hate campaign on social networks in recent days, often based on his origins. quot;.

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