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Fed up with touch screens in cars ? Here's some news that will delight you

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The tactile sacrosanct is everywhere. It has become a real guarantee of modernity for our devices. Smartphones, tablets, computers and even cars! In recent years, touch screens have appeared in the cabins of many cars. It’s beautiful and in tune with the times. But the rise of these increasingly numerous touch controls in cars is also less ergonomic and more dangerous.

In fact, car manufacturers are increasingly giving up on physical buttons in favor of touch controls. Euro NCAP (for European New Car Assessment Program) does not view this “modernization” very favorably. This organization is essential in the automobile industry since it regularly carries out crash tests to ensure the protection capabilities of the various vehicles on the market. Safety above all, therefore.

Thus, the rise of touch screens in cars does not rhyme with safety. Less ergonomic, replacing physical buttons with touch controls forces the driver to take their eyes off the road, just for a moment. Euro NCAP wants to rehabilitate physical buttons in cars. Car manufacturers will have to comply…

Goodbye touch screens and lack of security

Progress is good, but there can be downsides. Euro NCAP ensures that cars on our roads are safe enough for drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians and cyclists. The organization analyzes several criteria to rate vehicles. From 2026, a new criterion should emerge.

With the spread of touch screens in cars, and the disappearance of physical buttons, drivers must divert their attention from the road and this increases the risk of accidents. For Euro NCAP, this is a real problem across the entire automotive industry. Thus, the new Euro NCAP tests will encourage car manufacturers to intuitively include separate physical controls for basic functions such as windshield wipers, indicators, hazard lights and even the horn. So many essential functions that must be able to be activated very simply.

With the taking into account of this new criterion, automobile manufacturers like Tesla could well lose their usually good marks awarded by Euro NCAP. Car manufacturers have a few months to comply with the requirements of the organization which seeks to strengthen road safety.

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