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Fire kills one in Kyrias Tosh community

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Boisbriand firefighters discovered two people unconscious in the house which was engulfed in flames.


A man and a woman died Friday morning during a fire in a residence of the Kiryas Tosh Hasidic Jewish community in Boisbriand, in the Basses-Laurentides.

According to preliminary information, the fire broke out around 8:55 a.m. in a residence on rue Beth-Halevy.

Upon their arrival on the scene, Boisbriand firefighters immediately searched the home, where they discovered two people in cardiorespiratory arrest.

The two victims were unfortunately unable to be resuscitated by the rescuers. Their deaths were noted a little later at the hospital.

They are a man and a woman aged 91 and 46 respectively, confirmed the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-de-Blainville. A police investigation was opened into the circumstances of this fire.

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Firefighters were able to quickly bring the flames under control.

The fire […] was quickly brought under control by the fire department and could be of accidental origin. This is what our investigators and fire scene technicians will try to determine in the coming hours, specifies inspector Karine Desaulniers in a press release.

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Established in Boisbriand in the early 1960s, the Kiryas Tosh community today has around 3,000 members spread across nearly 350 families.

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