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Firefighters save his dog , he receives a bill for 10,000 euros -

A young man living in Ardèche has just received an invoice from the fire services who intervened to save his dog, doomed to death. à die without help.

This is information that seems so astonishing that it has been published. reported in local media in Ardèche. A young man was moved by  from France Bleu Ardèche some very bad news: Alian, 25 years old, living in the small town of Saint-Vincent-de-Barrès, must pay 10,000 euros for an intervention by the firefighters, which took place during his vacation in Switzerland last August. The reason? Rescuing his dog, who got stuck in a sewer pipe, after chasing a fox.

The animal, an unlucky young Jake Russel, did not make it through his misadventure, to escape from the trap he had entered. Our colleagues report that his master, alerted to by his yapping and face to face; the situation, had no other choice than to call for help, the animal would undoubtedly die if it remained there. And the firefighters then intervened with seriousness and involvement.

The rescue operation lasted hours and hours, a camera was placed to locate the animal. A hole was dug on the side of the road, the emergency services then pierced the pipe: after 48 hours, the young dog was saved. Throughout the entire procedure, the young master was attacked. informed that all this would not be free and that the intervention would indeed have a cost for him.

"I couldn't do otherwise, I wasn't going to let my dog ​​die in this pipe, it was unthinkable, but I still didn't expect it to happen. “That,” the young man told the local media in despair today. "It's insane and excessive. I don't mean to spit on the rescuers, but I felt like it was an act of kindness. and kindness. À “Through this sum, I rather have the impression that my distress for my dog ​​was used to line their pockets,” he said. The young man who does not know how to get out this sum, created an online prize pool to appeal for prizes; helps the good souls touched by its history.

It must be said that the fire services, in France as in Switzerland, are sometimes forced to charge a certain number of 39;interventions. In France, for example, it is possible for firefighters to request a financial contribution for actions that do not fall within statutory obligations, such as destroying pests, freeing people stuck in elevators, animal capture, assistance operations excluding accidents and without victims.

In Switzerland, this principle also applies, and the prices are significantly more High rates on all types of services, which explains the amount of the bill. "There were six firefighters over the course of a whole day, and it cost around 4000 Swiss francs. Plus the price for mobilized vehicles. It’s mostly about because of them that ça figure", recognizes the young man.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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