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Murder of a young woman in Limoilou: the investigation continues

The police established a security perimeter at the intersection of rue Geneviève-Lamarre and avenue Bardy.

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The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) continues its investigation in order to find the suspect(s) of the murder of 'a young woman who died during the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the Limoilou sector, more precisely in the Maizerets district, in Quebec.

SPVQ agents carried out an operation on Friday in the vicinity of the residence on rue Geneviève-Lamarre where Daphnée Jolivet, 19, was found murdered. Since then, no charges have been brought and the command post has been removed, but the tragedy is causing concern in the neighborhood.

The deputy of the sector, Sol Zanetti, also notes this in the comments of residents of his riding of Jean-Lesage.

It seems a little surreal, he said in an interview on Saturday. It’s a neighborhood where life is good, where people feel safe. But the events of recent months are disturbing, acknowledged Mr. Zanetti.

This is the third murder in the Maizerets district and the sixth murder to occur in Quebec this year.

Clearly, people will expect police reactions to [restore] security, the MP believes. But [it is] also necessary to have a social service type response because there is a context, probably, which makes these things happen.

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Sol Zanetti is the provincial deputy of the sector. (Archive photo)

Sources told Radio-Canada that Daphnée Jolivet would have encouraged a young woman to denounce her attacker, who is said to be a member of a street gang. According to our information, everything indicates that this denunciation could have a link with the murder.

On Friday, the SPVQ indicated that it was too early, at this stage of the investigation, to say whether the 19-year-old woman had been targeted precisely or randomly. As of this writing, as of Saturday afternoon, authorities have yet to confirm whether one or more criminal gangs could be linked to the killing.

Sol Zanetti mentioned to Radio-Canada that for the moment, he is awaiting the conclusions of the police investigation but that mentioning street gangs in Quebec constitutes a warning signal.< /p>

It's a context that has probably been there for a few years and I think there is work to be done to prevent crime and this kind of drama that shakes the community, he added.

Martial Van Neste, vice-president of the Maizerets Neighborhood Council, wants to be reassuring.

It’s shocking when we hear [that there are] murders in our environment, he agrees. But that hasn't changed my perception of the neighborhood.

I still believe that Maizerets is a safe neighborhood, but it is legitimate that interventions are made to reassure the population.

A quote from Martial Van Neste, vice-president of the Maizerets Neighborhood Council

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