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For Black Friday, NordVPN and its password manager at a sacrificed price

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For Black Friday, two flagship offers are offered by NordVPN for its virtual private network and its password manager:

  • instead of 8 .29 euros per month (69% reduction or more than 143 euros in savings over 27 months including 3 months free)
  • for 27 months including 3 months free (56% reduction or a saving of almost 30 euros)

As these offers are available during the promotional period of Black Friday: these are the best offers identified throughout this year 2023..

What is the difference between the two offers?

includes, as its name suggests, the virtual private network but also the password manager. This is useful if you don't already have one of these two solutions at home, for example. On the other hand, if you already use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password, then perhaps VPN alone will be sufficient.

Likewise, if you already have a VPN installed, then it is better to stick with . Please note, however, that NordVPN's virtual private network has some advantages that are not necessarily found with other VPNs on the market. You can use a detailed comparison to find out more and make your choice.

< h2>Why choose a password manager in 2023?

The password manager is very important. You can certainly continue to use that of Mozilla Firefox, that of Google Chrome or the iCloud Keychain of Macs, but this is not always sufficient protection in terms of cybersecurity.< /p>

With a great password manager like , you can automatically generate strong passwords. This is important because we are talking about avoiding using the same password on multiple sites. With NordPass Premium, the number of passwords you can store is unlimited.

NordVPN: features

NordVPN's virtual private network is available for only 3.99 euros per month with Premium. Thanks to NordVPN's virtual private network, you can virtually geolocate yourself to another country. For example, there are Channel 4 series which are only available if the channel's streaming site believes your IP is installed in the UK. Without a virtual private network, good luck being able to access it easily.

NordVPN's virtual private network also includes anti-malware protection. This recalls the value proposition of certain antiviruses, such as that of Bitdefender, that of Norton or that of Intego. But that's not all, since NordVPN also allows its users to use the network on several devices at the same time. In total, you have the possibility of installing the license on no less than six different devices. Please note that many operating systems are compatible, from Mac to Windows to browsers from Apple and other mainstream publishers.

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