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Google's new strategy to bring down iMessage

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Adept of closed systems, Apple is obliged to make changes to the iPhone, to comply with European Union rules. In order to comply with the legislation which requires USB-C as a universal charging port, the Cupertino company has already replaced its proprietary port with this technology on the iPhone 15. In order to comply with the DMA, Apple is preparing to implement end to the App Store's monopoly on the distribution of apps on the iPhone. Furthermore, next year, the firm could also be forced to make iMessage interoperable with Android smartphones.

This week, the TechCrunch site spotted a document from Apple indicating that to comply with the DMA, the firm expects to make changes to the distribution of applications on the App Store. It is expected that, to comply with this European legislation, Apple will finally allow the installation of applications not from the App Store on the iPhone (like on Android). But the DMA could also force Apple to make iMessage interoperable with other devices and other messaging services.

For the moment, the European Commission is still investigating whether the DMA should apply to iMessage. But if iPhone messaging officially enters the list of “essential platform services”, Apple could be forced to make changes to this application.

Google and Orange step up to the plate

The European Commission has not yet communicated on the progress of its investigation. But in any case, Google and a group of operators, including Orange, have sent a letter to the Commission, in favor of treating iMessage as “essential platform services”.

In any case, this is what is revealed by an article in the Financial Times. The newspaper indicates that it has obtained access to this letter, signed by Google, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Orange. In essence, the letter would remind the Commission that iMessage exceeds the thresholds set by the DMA. And moreover, the application of this legislation on iMessage would benefit European consumers and businesses.

As for Google, it has always campaigned for the interoperability of iMessage with Android smartphones. Currently, when an iMessage user communicates with another person using an iPhone, the communication takes advantage of advanced messaging features. But communications between an iMessage user and an Android user are done via simple SMS.

However, there already exists a more advanced standard, called RCS, which can replace SMS, and which Google already operates on Android Messages.

  • As part of the DMA, the European Commission is investigating whether this regulation should apply to iMessage
  • < li>An application of the DMA on this app would oblige Apple to make it interoperable

  • Google and a group of operators have also sent a letter to the Commission
  • Google has been campaigning since long for Apple to support RCS technology, for iMessage to become interoperable with Android devices

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