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For Halloween, Prime Video brings together the best LOL candidates: who laughs, comes out!

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After the undeniable success of season 3 of LOL: who laughs, comes out!, Prime Video was quick to promise a season 4 but also a special season to fans of the program. Good news! The wait won't have been too long to get your fill. A few months later, Amazon's video streaming platform has just revealed the first images of its Halloween edition.

For the occasion, the rules of the show have changed a bit. It is always forbidden to laugh, of course, but, Halloween requires, it will also be prohibited to scream. Hence a change of title. LOL: who shouts, comes out! will bring together the best candidates from the show. Here's everything we know about the special Halloween season ofLOL: whoever laughs, comes out! on Prime Video.

What is the concept of LOL: who shouts, comes out?

The principle of LOL: who laughs, comes out! is relatively simple. For six hours, celebrities are gathered in a gigantic house. They only have one rule: don’t laugh. Obviously, everything is in place to make them fall in love before the time runs out.

For Halloween, Prime Video is toughening things up a bit. The title is unequivocal. In LOL: whoever shouts, comes out!, the candidates will not even be able to shout. And yet, everything will be put in place to make them shiver. No laughing or shouting allowed, the challenge is huge. But we imagine that the participants will redouble their ingenuity to put pressure on their peers.

When and where to see the special Halloween season of LOL: who laughs, comes out? ;?

Not content with revealing the first trailer for LOL: who screams, comes out!, Prime took the opportunity to give us the broadcast date of the first three episodes. The appointment is set for October 26, 2023. As usual, the latest episodes will be available the following week on the platform, namely November 2 on Prime Video.

Who are the candidates for LOL: Who Screams, Comes Out?< /h2>

But which candidates responded to this All Stars season of LOL: who laughs, comes out! ? From the end of season 3, we were already imagining our ideal casting… If all our complaints were not heard, we were right on several occasions.

Without much surprise, the formidable Gérard Darmon and Kyan Khojandi are back. We also smelled the presence of Camille Lellouche and Ahmed Sylla in this special Halloween vintage. Hakim Jemili, Fadily Camara, Audrey Fleurot and Bérengère Krief complete the cast of LOL: who screams, comes out!.

To our great regret, no candidate of the season 3 is not there for this new burst of episodes. The timing was perhaps a little too tight with the filming of the previous season…

This time again, the candidates will have to do their best in the hope of winning the show and allowing the association of their choice to win 150,000 euros.

It remains to be seen whether spectators will indeed be present in front of their screen to watch the show. Season 3 broke all records and we imagine that it will be difficult for Prime Video to do even better.

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