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Windows 12 will it be released in 2024? Intel’s surprising statement< /p> © Lemon squeezer

While Microsoft continues to deploy Windows 11 on devices using previous versions, rumors are already circulating about Windows 12. And today, we perhaps know when the Redmond firm plans to launch it: in 2024. For At the moment, Microsoft does not officially indicate when Windows 12 could land. However, a recent statement from an Intel official suggests that it could arrive as soon as next year.

As reported by The Verge, this hint was dropped by David Zinsner, the CFO of 'Intel, during a conference organized by Citi in September.
“We actually think that 2024 will be a very good year for our customers, especially thanks to the refresh of Windows”, he was quoted as saying. “We still think the install base is quite old and needs a refresh. We think next year could be the start of that, given the Windows catalyst.”

Obviously, it's also possible that Intel's CFO is thinking about the end of Windows 10 (which will force some to buy new PCs compatible with Windows 11), and not the launch of Windows 12. Indeed, Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 in October 2025.

Intel prepares to boost sales

The PC and processor markets are dependent on the Windows renewal cycle. Indeed, when Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, or when it stops supporting an older version, it pushes consumers and businesses to buy new equipment. Moreover, before this statement from Intel's financial manager, a document had leaked, showing that Intel is already preparing for the arrival of a new operating system.

More precisely, according to The Verge, the document reveals that Intel is already preparing its Meteor Lake PC platform for the next version of Windows, which will probably be Windows 12. But as usual, caution is advised for the moment.

While PC shipments are expected to be down in 2023, they could return to growth next year. According to IDC predictions, 2024 shipments are expected to increase 3.7% year-over-year. Volume would reach 261.4 million units, a volume between 2018 and 2019.

“Commercial PCs will remain attractive for years to come with technological advances adding an extra element when making the decision, but it's important to remember that Windows 10 end of support is coming in 2025 and that will drive a business refresh, whether or not businesses are expecting more advanced PCs, or simply need to upgrade. aging installed base,” says Ryan Reith, group vice president at IDC.

  • Intel's CFO thinks 2024 will be a year interesting thanks to “Windows Refresh”
  • Is Intel predicting a release of Windows 12 next year?
  • In any case, according to IDC, the PC market expected to return to growth in 2024

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