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For the president of HP France, AI completely redefines the function of our computers

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For a long time, artificial intelligence evolved in the background, in the shadows. But with the advent of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence-based conversational tool, things are changing. From now on, generative AI is finding an increasingly accepted place in our daily lives.

Large companies therefore have no interest in missing the boat. In this sense, behemoths like Samsung or Google do not hesitate to include artificial intelligence in their communication and to use it to make new products shine. HP is not left out: the company does not intend to miss this major shift.

A historic player in IT, HP is among the top 40 most important companies in the worldFor Cédric Coutat, President of the French subsidiary, we have entered a new era which will profoundly change the way we live and work, and bring about an upheaval in our lives comparable to that of the internet.

“From computer to personal assistant”

For several decades, HP has been democratizing consumer computing. However, it all began in a garage at the end of the 1930s, when testing and measuring instruments were the company's core business. But year after year, the company's founders, William Hewlett and David Packard, realized the imminent revolution that computing entailed in the 1970s. Little by little, HP wanted to actively participate in the generalization of computing. consumer computing. Today, HP offers printing solutions, computers, associated peripherals, and a wide range of services. Above all, HP has become a key player in new hybrid working methods. The company notably acquired the video and audio specialist Poly. It is therefore obvious for a company like HP to take part in the AI ​​race.

It is indisputable: artificial intelligence is a source of opportunities and progress. As Cédric Coutat points out, generative AI could bring more than 4 trillion dollars per year to the global economy over the next ten years if it is fully exploited. Non-generative AI and other forms of automation could bring an additional $11 trillion globally.

The computers we know must evolve, because artificial intelligence is profoundly redefining their role and function. In this sense, HP is working on the development of new powerful machines, optimized for the execution of local AI models, which can thus take advantage of the Cloud, but also of local inference to work offline and benefit from the power of an AI integrated into the computer.

For the president of HP France, AI completely redefines the function of our computers

© HP

According to Cédric Coutat, AI will allow the computer to become a real “personal assistant”. In short, it will be a “companion you can trust to keep your information secure, while carrying out tedious and time-consuming tasks for you”. AI will save you time and energy every day. The positive effects of AI on employee productivity are already there. Several recent studies prove that the use of ChatGPT-4 has increased the speed of execution of daily tasks, from creativity to analysis to writing, moreover by 25%.

In line with this vision, HP is working closely with NVIDIA to provide businesses with a generative AI solution. The two entities are currently developing a collaborative platform that is easy to access and capable of running both locally and in the Cloud.

But banking on artificial intelligence necessarily implies better protection. HP Wolf Security isolation technology provides unique protection against zero-day and AI-powered social engineering attacks by isolating risky activities in virtual machines separate from the server system. computer operation. In short, AI will ultimately improve the confidentiality and security of computer data.

Thanks to AI, PCs will once again take a step forward in terms of performance. Not only that, but the functionality of the equipment will also be improved. Following the acquisition of Poly, HP was the first to integrate machine learning technology to strengthen users' hybrid working experience. With the digital transformation and the generalization of remote working, HP has worked, for example, on noise reduction, voice improvement, as well as on the optimization of framing and focus. and lighting for much more qualitative videoconferencing, thanks to AI.

By adopting an appropriate ethical and strategic approach, artificial intelligence is a revolution that can benefit everyone”, affirms, convinced, Cédric Coutat. HP ? Leverage generative artificial intelligence as a promising new tool to continually improve experiences for its customers and employees.

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