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The best keyboards of 2024

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Like mice dedicated to gaming, the world of keyboards offers a very vast choice. It is therefore easy to get lost when it comes to choosing a keyboard suited to your uses.

Don't worry, this guide is intended to help you choose which will be your next keyboard among the best of 2024. Of course, this will evolve depending on the releases of the year.

When it comes to choosing a keyboard, there are many parameters to take into account. If of course your budget is a determining criterion, you should still not rush to the cheapest keyboard which will not necessarily correspond to your needs.

Thus, we have determined 4 other criteria other than budget that will help you choose the ideal keyboard.

What use for this keyboard ?

The use you will mainly have of your keyboard is a determining factor in choosing it. Are you mainly going to use it for word processing ? For general office automation ? Data entry into Excel tables ? For gaming& ;nbsp;?

These are questions that you will need to think about quickly in order to choose the ideal keyboard. Don't worry, the next lines of this guide will take into account the different scenarios.

Keyboard size

If you thought before joining this guide that all keyboards were the same in size, that's not the case! Indeed, we find formats ranging from the smallest to the largest, being compact keyboards, tenkeyless, and full size.

The best keyboards of 2024

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They each have their advantages and disadvantages, with compact and tenkeyless taking up less space on a desk and being more easily transportable, but they sacrifice the numeric keypad. In comparison, full-size keyboards have all the keys of a keyboard including the numeric keypad, but take up a lot of space on the desk which can interfere with mouse movements, for example.

Thus, a person working regularly on Excel will choose a full size with numeric keypad, while a gamer will tend to favor tenkeyless.

Mechanics or membrane?

Here is the last essential point in choosing a keyboard. There are generally two types of key technology, either membrane or mechanical.

Again, both types of technology impose compromises. Mechanical keyboards offer a particularly pleasant feeling and typing feedback: you know, that satisfying little clicking sound, but the noise of which will drive all your open space colleagues within a radius of at least 5 meters crazy.< /p>

In comparison, membrane keyboards are cheaper, much less noisy, but do not offer the characteristic and pleasant typing sensation of mechanical keyboards. In life, you have to make choices.

Wireless or wireless?

Overall, most of the cheaper keyboards will be wired, while the higher end ones will not. Often, gamers prefer wired keyboards to ensure a reliable, latency-free connection, while office enthusiasts will appreciate not having a cable that will clutter up their work area a little more.

It still sometimes happens that manufacturers offer wireless solutions suitable for gaming, as we will see in our section of the guide dedicated to the best keyboards for gamers.

The Logitech MX Keys S: the best in all categories

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Let's start this guide strong with the best keyboard available today. The Logitech MX Keys S is a real reference for most people wanting to use a relatively simple keyboard on a daily basis. It is a full size keyboard which offers excellent typing comfort with low profile keyswhich will recall the experience of laptop keyboards.

It also benefits from the fact that it is wireless, which allows you to obtain a cleaner aesthetic on your desk. Equipped with a numeric keypad and advanced features thanks to Logitech software, the MX Keys S that we tested here is a real must-have, barely exceeding the 100 euro mark. Particularly quiet, it is obviously PC and Mac compatible.

Logitech Pebble Keys 2 K380s : the compact and inexpensive alternative

We will appreciate the typewriter look of this little Logitech keyboard. Compatible with Mac and PC, the small wireless keyboard says goodbye to the numeric keypad to become more compact, making it the ideal ally for small offices.< /p>

Also benefiting from low profile keys, it offers pleasant typing comfort with limited noise. Its size makes it a perfect keyboard to carry, and its price will make it one of the favorite keyboards for small budgets, this one being available for less than 50 euros.

Logitech Wave Keys

< p>Need an ergonomic keyboard in order to write all day in the best possible position ? We tested the Logitech Wave Keys, a keyboard offering an ergonomic posture to the wrists with its shape of wave, from which it takes its name.

We will appreciate its pleasant-to-the-touch wrist rest, and the fact that it is wireless. No low profile keys here, the Wave's membrane keys offer full travel, providing additional typing comfort.

Logitech G Pro

The best keyboards of 2024

© Presse-citron.net

The best keyboards of 2024

© Presse-citron.net

The best keyboards of 2024

© Presse-citron.net

When you are a competitive gamer, it is necessary to have a lot of space at the mouse level to make sometimes large gestures. Thus, the advantage of a keyboard without a numeric keypad is to save this precious space on the desk, which is the bias of the Logitech G Pro which does not sacrifice the multimedia keys however.

Of a very robust design, it nevertheless remains easily transportable using its rigid transport box provided. Offering pleasant typing, it is one of the rare keyboards dedicated to gamers to offer a wireless experience. With the USB dongle and Lightspeed technology, there is no latency. We will particularly appreciate its excellent autonomy, which uses a battery instead of a battery system as Logitech often tends to implement.

Razer Ornata V3

The best keyboards of 2024

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The Razer Ornata is all too often forgotten by gamers who want a accessible keyboard. However, this one is truly the best value for money on the market, offering a full-size experience, a wrist rest, silent low-profile membrane keys, all for an unbeatable price.

Fully customizable through Razer Synapse , the Ornata V3 X is one of the most versatile keyboards in this guide. It will allow both playing and writing in excellent conditions. We will particularly appreciate its varnished keys where the letter is engraved, which makes any discoloration of it impossible.

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