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Mark Zuckerberg teases revolutionary technology that will read your mind

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In the not too distant future, it will be possible to control electronic devices by thought. As you may already know, Elon Musk's Neuralink project aims to commercialize a brain implant that reads minds and can serve as a human-machine interface. And the Meta group, Facebook's parent company, also has a similar project, but with a much less invasive method.

A brand new human-machine interface

Currently, virtual reality or augmented reality headsets are controlled with joysticks, hands, or even gaze. But Mark Zuckerberg thinks that soon, Meta will also be able to offer augmented reality products that can be controlled by thought. However, instead of Elon Musk's brain implants, Meta relies on a connected bracelet. This is equipped with sensors that detect signals from the nervous system to convert these signals into commands. Thanks to this technology, we will be able to perform an action on future AR/VR products by thinking about a gesture (like clicking) without actually doing it.

Meta has already mentioned this technology, on which he works, in the past. But recently, in an interview with Morning Brew Daily, Mark Zuckerberg indicated that the technology is close to commercialization and that it could be available in the next few years. With the upcoming Meta wristband, AR or VR headset users could navigate, use apps and enter text, just by thinking about the gestures they should make.

Facebook facing its new competitor

As a reminder, Mark Zuckerberg is doing this interview while his company now faces competition from Apple in the field of mixed reality. And the boss of Meta has already tested the Vision Pro helmet, after its release. His opinion, after this test, was predictable: for Mark Zuckerberg, in addition to being seven times cheaper, the Quest 3 headset is a better product, for the majority of uses.

In any case, Meta products could stand out thanks to AI, an area in which the group is making enormous progress. In addition to developing its competitor ChatGPT, Meta has also created artificial intelligence capable of analyzing signals from the brain to reproduce the images a person thinks of.

  • Meta is developing a man-machine interface that will allow electronic devices to be controlled by thought
  • This does not rely on brain implants, but on a bracelet connected with sensors which detect signals coming from the brain
  • These signals can then be interpreted and converted to commands for devices
  • So one could navigate an operating system or enter text without moving, but just thinking about it
  • Mark Zuckerberg estimates that this technology should be available within a few years

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