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France – Chile: best for the Blues, match summary

Despite two new goals conceded, the French team comes away with victory against France. Chileans playful but limited (3-2). Scorer and decisive passer, Kolo Muani scored points with a view to Euro 2024, just like the excellent Fofana. Note the injuries to Clauss and Camavinga.

France – Chile: best for the Blues, match summary

France 3: 2

France – Chile: best for the Blues, match summary

Chile Live

23:30 – Good evening

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow this friendly meeting between France and Chile.

23:28 – See you in June

After his two friendly meetings, the The French team will not return to the field until 2019. the end of spring to begin preparation for Euro 2024, Several preparation matches remain to be played. determine before starting the continental competition on June 17 against Austria à Düsseldorf.

France – Chile: best for the Blues, match summary

The spring matches are a good opportunity to show off, especially with a Euro in your sights. Didier Deschamps reminded him of this. and Youssouf Fofana and Randal Kolo Muani had received the message perfectly. First of all, the Monegasque delivered; a very interesting performance in the middle. Percussive &agrav; recovery, he generated the Chilean recovery and was é the one who shook the Blues after a new start to the match with the brakes on. hand. Not hesitating to do so projecting himself forward, he took charge of himself, on a pass from Mbappé equalize for the Blues. A somewhat lucky goal because his curling shot from the left was missed. deviated, which put it out of Bravo's reach, but which had the merit of putting his team back in the right direction.

Not content with this achievement, he was left behind. the origin of his team's second goal by raking a ball into the central circle. Offset &agrav; left, Théo Hernandez applied himself to deposit his cross at the far post whereù Kolo Muani rose above Isla and Suazo to give the Tricolores the advantage with a nice cross header. The Parisian striker knew full well that he had a good shot at the goal. to play after Thuram's lackluster performance against à Germany and it was given to him to do so. &agrav; heart joy. Like Fofana, he will have been &agrav; his advantage on the pitch of the Vélodrome, the only player of the attacking trio to play. unhook to make better use of your speed. Its power and availability hurt à the formation of Gareca, who did not know how to stop it. Lichnovsky's image of the third goal action. Launched in depth &agrav; right, Kolo Muani pretended to retreat by moving off-center before turning around and putting down the Chilean defender to better serve a withdrawn Giroud all the way. his joy at scoring his 57th goal in the blue jersey.

Two very fine performances which were disappointing. give a smile à a Didier Deschamps who will not be able to draw much other satisfaction from this meeting. The selector will have material to choose from. study to correct the delay the lighting of his own. A detrimental evil with a view to regaining the European title this summer. Likewise, Mbappé delivered again a mixed performance, neither good nor bad, far from what he is capable of, just like Tchouam&eac;ni not really radiant in the middle. Above all, the coach will regret the injuries to Clauss and Camavinga, the real black spot of the evening. The Marseille side is affected; to the hamstrings of the left leg when the Real Madrid midfielder suffers from his left foot. Another problem à adjust, the new porosity of the French defense which again conceded two goals by the excellent Nunez and Osorio, symbols of a new Chilean generation called to play. take over from Alexis Sanchez and others.

Failing to have convinced, the French team was reassured about its ability to perform. &agrav; exist in sequences offensively and can count on other men when his executives are more discreet or are absent (Griezmann).

23:15 – Deschamps' reaction

"Today it's good to have won' but we have also done things in a laborious way even if bringing so many changes (nine) also harms", explained at the microphone of TF1, Didier Deschamps not satisfied with the lack of dynamism and energy of his team and who regretted for having conceded "two éavoidable goals". An average performance from the Blues also not of a nature à worry the French coach with a view to Euro 2024 who knows that the form will be completely different there.

23:05 – Fofana's reaction

"We had à heart to respond to the match against the Germans. We knew that we were going to be expected to be aggressive. Despite At the start of the match, we were able to gain momentum and master this match offensively and defensively", was satisfied, at the microphone of TF1, Youssouf Fofana, author of the equalizing goal at the start of the match and essential for his impact at home. recovery and projection.

After an unsuccessful match, the France team closed this international window with a victory against Chile (3-2). Surprised very early by Nunez, the Blues were able to react under the leadership of Fofana and Kolo Muani, both scorers in the first half. The latter then changed as a decisive passer for Olivier Giroud's 57th selection achievement. A success which makes it possible to attenuate the failed performance on Saturday against Germany but which will remain marred by the injuries of Clauss and Camavinga.

22:53 – Diaz de la tête

C&ocirc ;té right, Hernandez rolls his corner into the Chilean area and Diaz takes charge of clearing his side with his head.

22:51 – Saliba blocks

Tchouaméni has the ball stolen in the central circle and Ben Diaz is sent to in depth. One on one face à Saliba, the Chilean striker, fails to score outflank his opponent who with a mastered tackle puts the ball for a corner.

22:51 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of added time in this friendly match between France and Chile.

22:49 – Three changes for Chile

In the 87th minute of play, Gareca brings in new blood with the exits of Isla, Lichnoovsky and Nunez to launch Fernandez, Catalan and Perez.

22:44 – Double tricolor change

In the 82nd minute, Deschamps finishes with his coaching. The French coach recalls Kolo Muani and Giroud to the bench, both scorers this evening, and offers a few minutes of play to the team. Diaby and Thuram.

On a backheel from Giroud, a Chilean throws himself and prevents the French restart. The ball returns to Osorio's feet. Entering the French area, the Chilean crosses his shot from the left and level with the ground, deceives Maignan to bring his selection back to a goal &agrav; the 81st minute.

22:41 – Hernandez at the end of the race

Théo Hernandez takes charge of leading the French counter& ;cecedil;y and even goes to the end. After having overflowed Diaz, he connects with the left but his shot escapes him and passes to the right. left of Bravo's goal.

22:40 – Tchouémeni éavoids the danger

Côté left, Osorio wraps his outgoing corner from the left but at 6 m, he finds the head of Tchouaméni who extends.

22:38 – Too far for Mbappé

In front of his surface, Tchouaméni gives some air to the game by opening up ; left on Théo Hernandez. The Milanese full-back leads the counter and sees the race of Mbappé behind him. He wants to serve it in the space between the Chilean fullback and the central but his pass is too strong and his captain cannot recover it.

22:37 – Double Chilean change

In the 76th minute, the Chilean team made two new substitutions with the departures of Echevarria and Alexis Sanchez, greeted by the team. by the public, and the entries of Pavez and Bolados.

22:35 – Osorio does not worry

In the background, Osorio comes forward to take back a cross from the right. His shot is crushed. and does not disturb Maignan, who lies down on his left to secure his hold.

Kolo Muani continues to offer runs and is served in depth. Coll&eac; by Lichnovsky, the Parisian shifts to right, pretends to wait for support and turns to outflank the Chilean defender. Entering the area, he delivers a perfect back pass to Giroud who takes care of shaking the nets of a helpless Bravo. The Blues are getting down to business. the shelter.

22:31 – No worries for Maignan

Tumbling from his left wing, Suazo collides à Saliba and gets a corner. This one is brushed. by Nunez and lands in the gloves of Maignan who cannot restart quickly.

22:30 – Giroud too short

On a free kick à 29 m offset on the right, Hernandez uses his left foot to place his cross at the far post. Giroud escapes Isla behind him but is a little short even when throwing himself to take over from the left.

22:28 – First Chilean change

In the 66th minute, the Chile coach proceeds ;from &agrav; his first change with the exit of Vargas, replaced by by Ben Diaz.

22:26 – Diaz in control

Konaté extends from the halfway line and releases an impeccable cross for Koundé. Avoiding the goal exit, the full-back crosses at the end of the race. His ball lacks strength and this allows à Diaz to get ahead of Giroud.

22:24 – Kolo Muani knocked to the ground

A height of the halfway line, Kolo Muani turns around and picks up speed. It is immediately hooked. by Davila to prevent him from bringing danger ahead. Mr. Taylor does not give in to the PSG striker's invectives and does not take out any cards. It will be a simple foul.

22:22 – Suazo pushes back Mbappé

In an advanced position, Saliba breaks the lines to find a pass towards Mbappé. In the surface, à right, the tricolor captain is tight; up close by Suazo who prevents him from controlling correctly and even causes the loss of the ball.

22:21 – Restart égarée

The Blues have regained the ball and Saliba is looking to score. launch Kound&eac; &agrav; right in his hallway. His recovery is botched and sent too far into the axis, directly to Diaz.


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