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DIRECT. France – Chile: Giroud invites himself to the party! Follow the match

Surprised from the 5th minute, the France team followed their guide Fofana to return to the lead. height before taking control in a first period also marked by injuries to Clauss and Camavinga.

DIRECT. France – Chile: Giroud invites himself to the party! Follow the match

France 3: 1

DIRECT. France – Chile: Giroud invites himself to the party! Follow the match

Chile Live

22:37 – Chilean double change

In the 76th minute, the Chilean team made two new substitutions with the departures of Echevarria and Alexis Sanchez, greeted by the team. by the public, and the entries of Pavez and Bolados.

22:35 – Osorio does not worry

In the background, Osorio comes forward to take back a cross from the right. His shot is crushed. and does not disturb Maignan, who lies down on his left to secure his hold.

Kolo Muani continues to offer runs and is served in depth. Coll&eac; by Lichnovsky, the Parisian shifts to right, pretends to wait for support and turns to outflank the Chilean defender. Entering the area, he delivers a perfect back pass to Giroud who takes care of shaking the nets of a helpless Bravo. The Blues are getting down to business. the shelter.

22:31 – No worries for Maignan

D&amp ;eacute;tumbling from his left wing, Suazo collides with amp;grave; Saliba and gets a corner. This one is brushed. by Nunez and lands in the gloves of Maignan who cannot restart quickly.

22:30 – Giroud too short

On a free kick à 29 m offset on the right, Hernandez uses his left foot to place his cross at the far post. Giroud escapes Isla behind him but is a little short even when throwing himself to take over from the left.

22:28 – First Chilean change

In the 66th minute, the Chile coach proceeded to make his move. his first change with the exit of Vargas, replaced by by Ben Diaz.

22:26 – Diaz in control

Konaté extends from the halfway line and releases an impeccable cross for Koundé. Avoiding the goal exit, the full-back crosses at the end of the race. His ball lacks strength and this allows à Diaz to get ahead of Giroud.

22:24 – Kolo Muani knocked to the ground

A height of the halfway line, Kolo Muani turns around and picks up speed. It is immediately hooked. by Davila to prevent him from bringing danger ahead. Mr. Taylor does not give in to the PSG striker's invectives and does not take out any cards. It will be a simple mistake.

22:22 – Suazo pushes back Mbappé

In an advanced position, Saliba breaks the lines to find a pass towards Mbappé. In the surface, à right, the tricolor captain is tight; up close by Suazo who prevents him from controlling correctly and even causes the loss of the ball.

22:21 – Restart égarée

The Blues have regained the ball and Saliba is looking to score. launch Kound&eac; &agrav; right in his hallway. His raise is botched and sent too far into the axis, directly to Diaz.

22:20 – The Blues waiting

At game time, an ola animates the stands of the Vélodrome. On the field, the Blues fellé out of rhythm and run after a confiscated ball for two minutes by the Chileans. However, these remain à good distance from Maignan's goal.

22:17 – Tchouaméni in front of Alexis Sanchez

< p>Osorio continues to be available and electric. Without hitting, he serves in front of the surface in the Alexis Sanchez axis. The former Marseille player shifts Suazo to left whose center is deviated. Alexis Sanchez followed into the area but as he received the ball, he saw Tchouaméni take it away from him with an aerial gesture.

22:16 – Person in the background

Osorio hits à right and enters the French surface where ù it passes between Tchouaméni and Théo Hernandez. The Chilean is in a closed corner; and puts a strong ball back. Nobody is &agrav; the reception to enjoy his good work.

22:13 – Fofana right in touch

Mbappé has dezoned to come à right where it combines with Saliba and Koundé. The ball comes out to Fofana who wants to play in one touch along the touchline for his full-back but the latter makes the call at the time of the pass, which goes behind his back. Right in touch.

22:11 – Koundé above

The Chilean corner, following on from a strike from Alexis Sanchez deflected by Tchouam&eac;ni, is repelledé and Kolo Muani leads the counter tricolor. The second scorer of the evening accelerates and returns to drop Osorio. It uses cross-calling. by Mbappé to play sideways open on Kound&eac;. The latter's inside hook is well done but his shot from the inside of the left flies away.

On a cross from the left, Vargas stands out in the area and facing the goal on the 6 m line cuts the trajectory in front of a spectator Konat. His powerful head smashes against the post.

22:08 – Bravo without problem

After a breakthrough from Th&o Hernandez and a play with Mbappé, the ball changes sides to go to the goalkeeper. right on Kound&eac;. The tricolor side leaves a rebound before poking his center. Without momentum, Giroud suffered the impact and his bell header was easily caught on his line by Bravo.

22:06 – Giroud controlled

Kolo Muani hits from his side straight and achieves à give his ball in the axis at the feet of Giroud. The AC Milan striker turns around and swings his left but Lichnovsky throws himself to deflect the Frenchman's attempt. Behind, Mbappé sends his left shot well above the frame.

Alexis Sanchez launches the second period in favor of Chile, led by Chile. a goal by the French team.

Surprised by Nunez's entry on the first Chilean strike of the match after 5 minutes of play, the Blues needed a quarter of an hour to recover à the place. In the wake of Fofana, determining & recovery and in the momentum of the game, France was able to equalize thanks to their midfielder on a deflected shot before Kolo Muani takes care of putting it back in front with a nice header from a cross from Théo Hernandez (2-1). In addition to a timid start, Deschamps may regret the injuries to Clauss and Camavinga in this first act.

21:48 – Mbappé misses his restart

Just before the break, Koundé combines with Kolo Muani and finds himself in a good position à RIGHT. The FC Barcelona defender presses his center towards Mbappé but the tricolor captain misses his volley because he is tight; up close by Dias. Behind, the Chilean defense breaks free.

21:46 – Additional time: 2 minutes

There will be two minutes of additional time in this first period between France and Chile.

21:45 – Guendouzi comes on

In the 43rd minute, Guendouzi takes over from Camvinga and enters a standing ovation ; by the public at the Vélodrome, him the former OM player, today at Lazio Rome.

After Clauss at the very start of the match, it's Camavnga's turn to leave the pitch injured. Touché on the left foot, the tricolor midfielder comes out limping.

21:42 – Vargas misses

In the middle, Nunez makes a sharp call and is served by Isla. The Chilean midfielder shifts to right Osorio whose center returning from the left is perfectly distilled. At the far post, à point blank, Vargas is embarrassed; by Koundé and fails to achieve this. properly catch the ball which ricochets off his left tibia.


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