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Free limits one of its mobile offers... hidden price increase ?

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It’s a fact, since the release of the first Freebox and Free Mobile packages, Iliad’s subsidiaries have always made the effort to maintain their most competitive packages iconic at their original price. Thus, on the Freebox side, we always have a triple play offer at 19.99 & nbsp; € per month (the Freebox Revolution), while on the side of Free Mobile, there is always a 5G package at 19.99 & nbsp; € per month, as well as the famous subscription of €2 per month (which is free for Freebox subscribers).

This choice allows Free to remain a cheaper operator than the competition – However, being a network manager has a significant cost, and between the deployment of 5G (with the essential purchase of frequencies), the increase in internet speeds, the reshuffling of the cards on the supply side of # 8217;equipment, and more broadly inflation, Iliad must, like all the others, preserve its margins… while posing as a constraint the maintenance of these entry points in its packages.

The price of the package at €2 per month does not change not… but the Booster option becomes much less interesting

As a result, over the years, we have seen Free limit what its packages could contain. For example, the basic mobile plan, at €19.99 per month, was initially an unlimited 4G plan (subscribers often found themselves at the time on orange 3G which filled the gaps in its young network). Today it is a 5G package at the same price, but with an envelope of 250 GB at the time of writing.

Certain subscriptions have also been subject to a one-year commitment period, beyond which the price increases from simple to often more than double. The customer must therefore be attentive to always benefit from the best possible prices. By staying with Free Mobile, only one iconic plan had retained all or almost all of its initial characteristics: the plan at €2 per month.

However, we learn that change is coming, via the Booster option which becomes significantly less interesting. Until then, and with an option at €2.99 per month, the data envelope increased to 5 GB per month (+ 6 GB from Europe). But you had to get used to it: from now on, at this price, the Booster option only delivers 1 GB of data per month in total from France + 1 GB from France ;Europe.

If you already have the Booster option, you will still be able to benefit from this envelope of 5 GB per month for a while – but new subscribers will now have to make do with only 1 GB. In addition to this change, it should be noted that the extra package in Europe is now billed much more expensive. It is now necessary to count €0.05 per megabyte compared to €0.0021 per megabyte previously. Which can quickly inflate your bill.

With these changes Free reserve, we imagine, more the €2 package for extra uses – probably hoping that more subscribers will not switch to more expensive and more comprehensive packages.

  • Free has just changed the conditions of its package to €2 per month, in particular what the Booster option contains.
  • This one does not in fact delivers more than 1 GB of data per month.
  • The data rate for each megabyte increases significantly.

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