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Free releases the ultimate weapon against failures of its fiber network

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Who has never been impacted by an Internet outage at home ? In these moments, which can sometimes last forever, the operator teams are put to the test, and they must deal with the problems in the emergency. Free intends to better anticipate risks thanks to a new solution that could make a difference.

A very promising tool

Called Infrabird, this innovation was presented by Xavier Niel's company during the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. On LinkedIn, the company explained in particular that this system has already been tested in Meaux “with all commercial operators, in partnership with Aginode, formerly Nexans Telecom & ;amp; Data”.

The operator adds:

Infrabird is an innovative on-site intervention monitoring solution for FTTH infrastructure nodes, based on IoT and NFC technologies.

The idea is to better identify future problems on the network and to intervene before they occur to avoid outages. The result could not be more promising if we rely on the communication from Free which specifies:

With this news solution, deployed for 18 months, our Free teams were able to better remotely monitor the planning of interventions and therefore access to network cabinets, reducing maintenance needs by 45%. The travel of our technicians has thus been considerably reduced, thereby limiting their carbon footprint!

All that remains is to deploy this system throughout France. If it obtains the same results, it would be great progress for Free subscribers.

The fiber network is worrying

As a reminder, optical fiber creates numerous tensions between operators and their customers. According to the latest report from the Association for Mediation of Electronic Communications (AMCE), conflicts linked to optical fiber are now the primary source of disputes between professionals and consumers: 42% of lashings.

AMCE also believes that the worst is yet to come, because the last homes to be connected are the most complex and the most expensive. Likewise, the first fiber networks were not always correctly deployed, so that maintenance operations are regularly necessary. For more information on this exciting report, you can always re-read our dedicated article here.

What to remember:

  • Free has a new system against breakdowns< /li>
  • Called Infrabird, this innovation allows action upstream
  • The first results of an experiment carried out in Meaux are conclusive according to the figures provided by the operator

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