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French Days: Emma sacrifices her best mattresses, it’s time to (really) sleep better

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The French Days are back. This unmissable event in the e-commerce landscape allows you to make colossal savings for just a few days. Among the brands participating in French Days, we find Emma. This bedding brand has become a benchmark with its premium mattresses made in France at unbeatable prices.

During the French Days, you will be able to enjoy. Mattresses, pillows, box springs, duvets… Because the quality of all your bedding is essential to sleep better, Emma does not skimp with very advantageous offers. If you want to sleep better, it's now or never. Especially since by subscribing to the Emma newsletter, you are entitled to an additional 10% discount. It would be a real shame to deprive yourself of these incredible offers. We take stock together.

The best Emma mattresses discounted during the French Days

First of all, let us clarify that the competitive prices of Emma products do not come at the expense of the quality of the brand's bedding. The reason for these ridiculously low prices is that its products are sold exclusively online. Thus, the brand does not have to worry about expensive fixed costs and these savings allow it to influence the prices offered to customers.

Even if it is not possible to try the mattress you are interested in before checking out, Emma gives you 100 nights to try your new purchase. This way, you can form your own opinion and return the mattress free of charge if you are dissatisfied. Emma will reimburse you immediately.

But Emma is doing everything possible to satisfy you. For years, its products have been recognized for their quality and appeal to the biggest sleepers. The Emma Hybrid II mattress stands out as the premium mattress par excellence. Ranked No. 1 “Best Mattress” in France in 2024 by the main comparators publishing their rankings online. Drawing on all the know-how and numerous technologies developed by Emma, ​​the Hybrid II mattress guarantees you dream nights.

French Days: Emma sacrifices her best mattresses, it’s time to (really) sleep better

Hybride II © Emma

Breathability, optimal support, movement isolation, pressure distribution… The Emma Hybrid II mattress benefits from four layers developed by sleep experts. We find memory foam, HRX foam as well as Edge-to-Edge pocket spring technology to guarantee you truly restful and peaceful nights. With 25 centimeters of thickness, you will be able to sleep like a baby, night after night.

The Emma Hybrid II mattress has it all and benefits from a remarkable discount. Between a 40% reduction for French Days and an additional 10% discount thanks to the newsletter, . This is a golden offer to be seized urgently. Being able to offer you the cream of the crop for your sleep for less than 550 euros is unheard of.

If you have a slightly tighter budget, the Emma Original II mattress is for you. New generation, this mattress will become your best ally for better sleep. Although it is a little less premium than its big brother, the Emma Original II mattress has no reason to be ashamed of its characteristics.

French Days: Emma sacrifices her best mattresses, it’s time to (really) sleep better

Emma Original © Emma

As it is more affordable, it is the best-selling mattress throughout France. It is made up of several layers and three special foams, including one with shape memory. Its Edge-to-Edge pocket spring technology guarantees that your spine is kept aligned and supported in the right places. No matter your sleeping position, the Emma Original II mattress promises you excellent nights.

For a few more days for French Days, . This incredible price can be explained by the accumulation of several offers: -20% for the French Days and -10% for any subscription to the Emma newsletter. Hurry to benefit from it before it's too late!

Emma mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years. You have peace of mind for a decade, and this ensures that you amortize this lasting investment. Please note that delivery is free and you can pay in several installments free of charge to reduce your budget.

French Days: the Emma set at half price to grab urgently

To drastically improve your sleep, you have to put all the chances on your side. If the quality of your mattress is crucial, it is the quality of your bedding that must be excellent if you dream of restful nights. From your pillows to your duvet to the box spring.

Good news: Emma has a unique offer on an ultra-complete pack so you can sleep like a log. For a few more days, it is -50%. Not forgetting the 10% discount thanks to the newsletter. Including an Emma Select bed, voted Product of the Year 2023, an Emma Hybrid II mattress, two Nuage Elite pillows, an Emma mattress protector, a Nuage Winter Emma duvet and a 100% Cotton Satin bedding set. It’s hard to get more interesting…

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