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Parisian bikers use this trick to no longer pay for parking

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It seems that the French government is on a crusade against bikers. Finally, this is the feeling that owners of two wheels must have at the moment. Remember in 2022, the Paris town hall returned to a considerable advantage that bikers had regarding parking in the capital.

Parking was free for 2 wheels, in order to encourage Parisians not to travel alone in cars capable of holding 5 people . However, this right has been revoked, and motorcyclists are obliged to pay like other road users. A decision which had already upset the French Federation of Angry Bikers, seeing it as a great injustice.

The other one which also set fire to the powder is the technical inspection of two wheels, rejected en bloc by motorcyclists who consider this measure as an additional tax on an already very expensive leisure activity.

Bikers no longer eat almonds

Two-wheel owners don't have it easy at the moment, especially in Paris. The city deploys some ingenuity to catch road users who decide not to pay for their parking, particularly two-wheelers who also do so as a sign of protest.

C This is how vehicles armed with automatic license plate readers crisscross the streets of the capital in order to fine offenders. However, the said car still needs to be able to read the license plates. This is where some bikers have decided to take control of their budget by using a trick that is as ingenious as it is illegal.

Plates that play hide and seek

So, two-wheelers have a trick which is to avoid parking their vehicles by having their license plate visible from the road. Thus, inspection cars are less likely to take a reading and issue a fine.

Another even more radical solution exploited by offenders is also the concealment of license plates. Whether with a trash bag or anything else, two-wheel enthusiasts are doubling their inventiveness to avoid paying for parking, while avoiding the risk of fines sent automatically.

Yes but…

Obviously, hiding your license plate with something like this is completely illegal. This practice can lead to a fine of 135 to 750 euros, which is much more than the potential parking fine.

Luckily for offenders, cars specializing in automatic plate reading cannot report the offense. However, we must not forget that the police can carry out this type of verbalization, and will not fail to do so.

  • Since September 2022, Paris City Hall has required two-wheelers to pay for their parking as well , like motorists.
  • Violators are penalized with a fine, the city of Paris having implemented vehicles which automatically read license plates by detecting illegal parking.
  • Only, some bikers have a trick which consists of hiding their license plates in order to avoid paying for parking< /strong>, while protecting yourself from fines sent automatically.

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