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From this little-known village, we have one of the best views in France

In France there is a well-hidden belvedere. which offers a view worthy of the most beautiful landscapes of the Amazonian forest.

If we think of the most beautiful viewpoints in France, the Eiffel Tower automatically comes to mind. Paris, Notre Dame de la Garde à Marseille, or the cliffs of Tretat in Normandy. And yet, these postcard images are not the only ones à you'll be amazed by it in France. There are natural places in France that are certainly a little less known, but just as breathtaking…

What if we told you that there is an exceptional panorama worthy of the most beautiful landscapes of the Amazonian forest from a small village of no more than 300 people? mes à less than an hour from Clermont-Ferrand ? It's access to the lookout point of the village of Queuille, modestly called the "Paradise", that we can admire this wild and majestic site. The impressive Meander of Queuille, which forms an immense loop, 2 kilometers long, dug into the rock over time by the Sioule River, is offered to the traveler from this panoramic observation point located in the heart of the city. &agrav; more than 250 meters above the river.

From this little-known village, we have one of the best views in France

It is from this belvedere of Paradise that we can best take the measure of the most majestic of the curves of the Sioule, perfectly rounded  made of iron à horse and magnified by the reservoir of the small homonymous dam, indicates Auvergne Destination, the tourist information portal of Auvergne. If the most imaginative travelers see the head of a turtle there, the meander of Queuille entwines a peninsula, Murat, covered with forest but formerly inhabited. The omnipresent greenery on the slopes of the Sioule gives it a truly end-of-the-world feel, which is why the meander is d' now nicknamed the Amazon of Auvergne!

Quickly go and discover this little hidden treasure. From Puy-de-DÔme, access to the belvedere is free! But how to get there ? The town of Queuille, in Puy-de-Dôme is certainly a small, very remote villageé des Combrailles well away from the main roads, but if you go through Clermont-Ferrand or Vulcania, you will not be very far (40 kilometers by car for the # 39;one, 25 kilometers for the other)! To access the belvedere, no need to go hiking. e,┬ájust park nearby. the village church which was the chapel of a castle which disappeared in the 13th century. You will then just have to go down a few steps from the small car park to access the famous belvedere and admire, 250 meters below, the panorama is breathtaking. Finally, if you feel like it, you can extend your stay elsewhere. Queuille by taking one of its many hiking trails. 

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