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Statues representing the gods, sacrificial stones, animal offerings, the Quai Branly museum reveals the treasures of the Aztec civilization called Mexica, through the recent excavations of the Templo Mayor.

The incredible Aztec treasures on display at the Quai Branly Museum Exhibitions

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Mexica: gifts and gods at the Templo Mayor

Through its exhibition  "Mexica: gifts and gods at the Templo Mayor", the Quai Branly museum in Paris immerses the visitor in the heart of the treasures of the city. come out of the Aztec civilization more aptly called the Mexicas. The Parisian museum is the first in Europe é present the latest discoveries from the excavations in the center of Mexico, near 500 objects, including several offerings found in the ruins of the Templo Mayor, until September 8, 2024.
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