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Fuel: price at the pump, price comparison, cheapest stations ... The guide to know everything

“Fuel: price at the pump, price comparison, cheapest stations… The guide to know everything”

At the start of each week, find the average price in France for gasoline and diesel but also our map and our search engine to compare and find the cheapest prices at service stations near you.

[Put to; day October 2, 2023 3:42 p.m.] For the first time in a long time, fuel prices recorded a drop this Monday. The price of a liter of diesel and Unleaded 95-E10  went from 1.94 to 1.94 1.91 euro to the pump. This significant reduction in prices is the consequence of the implementation of the sale of fuel at home. cost price from most major distributors. Since Friday September 29, Leclerc and Carrefour have been selling their fuels every day without making any margin. A policy that the Casino group has decided to implement to imitate starting this Monday, October 2. Other groups, such as Intermarché or System U,  have opted for for operations cost price on certain weekends. All this logically generates a mechanical reduction in fuel prices desired by the government, at a minimum. the initiative for this generalization of direct sales. cost price. Find below all the information on fuels and our tools to help you find the cheapest prices near you.

Monday October 2, 2023, the average prices of liters of fuel observed and recorded by the The Ministry of Ecological Transition was 1.9121 euros for diesel, an average drop of 2.9 cents compared to the previous year. last week, and 1.9102 euros for unleaded 95E10, down 3.4 cents.

Motorists have been waiting for this for a while: after more than three months of consecutive increases, fuel prices are finally at their peak. the drop in gas stations. The price per liter of Unleaded 95-E10 has decreased; by 3.4 cents last week to go down to 3.4 cents last week. 1.91 euros. That of diesel saw a slightly less steep drop but still of 2.9 cents to now cost on average 1.91 euros as well. cost price, adopted by all the major distributors – on a daily basis or more spaced out depending on the brand -, will not be long in coming. à be felt the pump. Rest at see up to how much these operations will be able to lower prices, knowing that the margin of distributors on the resale of fuels is relatively thin and in fact the reduction in prices seems destined to stagnate relatively quickly.

A ceiling at Total after the government rebate

As a reminder, TotalEnergies has implemented since March 1, 2023 the capping of its prices at the pump. The price of fuel at Total stations cannot exceed 1.99 euros. The French oil group announced on September 12 that all fuels, gasoline and diesel (Diesel Premier B7, Diesel Premier B10, SP95-E10, SP95-E5, Superethanol E85), would still be affected. by this measure in 2024. Only unleaded 98 and Excellium diesel are excluded from this price limitation due to their quality. first.

With the end of rebates granted by the government, the price of fuel has risen again. the increase since the start of the year. An increase which did not go down well with motorists, particularly after the announcement, on February 8, de bé record profits in 2022, at amounting to 19 billion euros.

The government has set up an official website listing gasoline prices across the country. throughout France. It is up to the points of sale to declare their fuels and prices, as well as the dates and times of updating. up to date at the ministry. We have developed a search engine to find all fuel prices available in the city of your choice.

Only places where the station managers provided information The available gasoline and its price are displayed. The information is organized by date and time it was updated. update ("UPDATE"), to display the most recently updated prices.

The government website "prix.carburant.gouv.fr" also offers you price statements by department and type of fuel (Be careful to differentiate between unleaded 95, 98 or E10). Price statements are issued à day weekly. Something to help you find the cheapest gas station(s) nearby through an interactive map listing the service stations near you.

Fuel: price at the pump, price comparison, cheapest stations... The guide to find out everything

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The Essence&Co app finally offers another service, collaborative this time, it is through say based on on the declarations of Internet users. Available on Android or iPhone, it updates fuel prices on a daily basis based on user feedback to indicate the current rates.

As you have noticed, there are sometimes significant price differences depending on the service station: between distributor brands (Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché) and stations of oil groups like Total or BP, the difference can sometimes seem significant. It can be explained by different parameters including brand image, but also the famous additives. You may know them by their trade name.

Excellium fuel, for example in the Total network, contains numerous additives. Incorporated into fuel, they are used to improve its quality therefore the yield. Also intended for protect the engine or the tank, they also affect the prices, which are higher, which occasionally gives rise to controversy over their usefulness. Marketing argument used to justify these prices or real profit for the car, the debate is lively.

What is the share of taxes in the price of gasoline at home? the pump? According to Total, taxes represent “the largest share of the price of fuel.” In 2018, according to the company, taxes collected by the state represented, for example, “63% of the price of Unleaded 95-E10 and 60% of that of diesel.” /p>

The gasoline tax is in fact divided into two different taxes: VAT, and the domestic consumption tax on energy products (TICPE). We also find the general tax on polluting activities (TGAP). The TICPE is also higher on gasoline than on diesel. Depending on gasoline prices, the TICPE represents nearly 70 cents on gasoline, 60 cents on the price of a liter of diesel.

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