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New Renault Clio: the restyled city car starts at 18,500,euros

“New Renault Clio: the restyled city car starts at 18,500,euros”

Unveiled in the spring, the restyled Clio V has arrived. in dealerships in July. Renault's favorite city car, with renewed appeal potential, is now available in three finishes including the new Alpine version. Here is everything you need to know about the great rival of the Peugeot 208, accessible at a glance. from 18,500 euros.

Three months after revealing In the spring, Renault officially announced the new silhouette and equipment of its revamped Clio V. the range and prices of its flagship city car. Having once again become number 1 in sales for the first half of 2023 at the expense of the Peugeot 208 – which has also just gone through restyling – the 5th generation Clio is available at the order since July 17 for delivery scheduled at back to school. With a more aggressive design, in keeping with the times, a simplified choice of finish. (Evolution, Techno, Esprit Alpine), varied engines and a very attractive base price, the Clio hopes to build on its excellent dynamics and consolidate its regained leadership. in the B segment.

What's new on the new Renault Clio?

No more shyness From the beginning, the strategy of above all not changing a recipe that worked… Attacked from all sides after being overtaken by the Peugeot 208 , the Renault Clio has gone through the extreme makeover box to revive its seductive potential. Renault has revealed in the spring the first photos of its “new look Clio”, a restyled version which adopts a much more expressive, aggressive and even sporty face in its Esprit Alpine finish.

  • From the front, the Clio takes on a bit of a Peugeot 308 look with its large, tapered grille and its vertical light signature, close to the “crocs” of the car. of the latest Peugeot models which adopted these very expressive LEDs.

New Renault Clio: the restyled city car starts at 18,500 euros

© Renault

  • This is no coincidence. In addition to the fact that the design of the latest models of the French rival has attracted a wide audience, these creations have been very popular. supervised by a certain Gilles Vidal, head of Peugeot design formerly at "the enemy" in 2020 by joining Renault. This Clio is thus one of the first production models of the diamond brand. have been under his supervision. No secret therefore. to review certain lines and major principles that he had imposed; at Peugeot… The Clio, however, stands out for its sporty style, notably with a two-tone shield at the front. at the front, a brand new shield the rear and taillights which adopt a transparent part.

new Renault Clio & nbsp ;: La Citadine Restyl & eacute; E D & Eacute; p; euros

  • Renault has simplified the Clio V range which now consists of only three finishes: Evolution, Techno Esprit Alpine. The latter offers a new version with a sporty look (17-inch rims, aluminum sports pedals, specific seats and upholstery, etc.) embodying the high-end of the model.< /li>

New Renault Clio: the restyled city car starts at 18,500 euros

© Hamdi Ben Lagah/PEUGEOT

  • Inside, the Clio, released in 2019, has aged rather well and there will therefore be no major stylistic revolution. We still note an increase in equipment, illustrated by the arrival of standard digital instrumentation, available however in two sizes depending on the finishes (7-inch screen on the Evolution and Techno finishes, 9.3-inch screen on the Esprit Alpine finish). The Esprit Alpine version has specific seats branded with the logo of the Dieppe brand and small attributes such as stitching or tricolor logos scattered throughout the cabin. On the outside, the shield has a matte gray color.

New Renault Clio: the restyled city car starts at 18,500 euros

© Renault

Engines of the new restyled Renault Clio

If manufacturers are increasingly avoiding diesel engines, Renault has not removed it from the catalog for its best-selling car. As expected, the range offers five different engines, from petrol to diesel to hybrid. The small 3-cylinder SCE, exclusively on the Evolution finish, develops 65 horsepower, compared to 90 and 100 for the other two gasoline engines. The 1.5 Blue dCi diesel with 100 hp, also only available on the Clio Evolution, and the e-tech Full hybrid engine with a power of 145 hp are the other two alternatives.

All photos of the new Renault Clio

If you would like to discover this new Clio in detail, go to our slideshow below. find it by clicking below.

When was the new restyled Renault Clio released?

The restyled Clio is available at the order since July 17, three months after its presentation, and the first deliveries are expected for the month of September 2023.

What is the price of this new Clio?

Renault manages to achieve offer your star city car to quite attractive prices. Its entry-level model, equipped with the small 65 horsepower engine in the Evolution finish, costs 18,500 euros. This is 165 euros less than the first price of the new restyled Peugeot 208, great rival of the Clio, which today costs 18,650 euros, it is true equipped with 39;a slightly more powerful engine (75 hp). To access for the hybrid engine, you have to pay at least 23,600 euros (Evolution finish) while at the top of the range, the Esprit Alpine finish of the e-tech engine coupled with the à the automatic gearbox costs 27,400 euros. Concerning diesel, only available on the Evolution version of the Clio, Renault has set a new price. its price at agrave; 22,000 euros.

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