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Galaxy Ring: information, price, release date, everything about Samsung's connected ring

At the center of many rumors for several years, Samsung's first connected ring is increasingly being revealed. Find all the information on the features, price and release date of the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung is notably teasing the arrival of the "Galaxy Ring" for a while. This connected ring has few official announcements from the brand, but has become increasingly popular in recent months. The firm notably began &agrav; teaser its design during the latest "Galaxy Unpacked" of January 2024. The Galaxy Ring was also released in January 2024. exhibited to visitors of the MWC (Mobile World Congress) & Barcelona, ​​but without official demonstration.

Samsung seems to be raising expectations around its Galaxy Ring. An initiative also followed by Apple which would develop, internally, its own connected ring to respond to this need. its eternal Korean competitor.

Discover all the latest information relating to Samsung's Galaxy Ring connected ring with its features, release date and estimated price.

Galaxy Ring: information, price, release date, everything about Samsung's connected ring

Official visual of the Galaxy Ring. © Samsung

What is the Galaxy Ring, Samsung's first connected ring ?

The market connected rings is young and has few players. This is why Samsung is trying to play its own card with the Galaxy Ring, a small ring connected to a smartphone. coming soon.

According to several rumors and glimpses, the Galaxy Ring is a small ring similar to the Galaxy Ring. a metallic wedding ring and which will be offered in three distinct colors: black, metallic gray & and gold. The ring would be proposedé in nine different sizes ranging from 5 & 13 (49 to 70 for our French equivalents). Galaxy Ring sizes will be marketed as ranging from size S to large. XL.

What are the features of the Galaxy Ring ?

Appeared for the first time during a Samsung conference, the Galaxy Ring is very mysterious about its functionalities. oacute;s &agrav; come. According to the official representatives of the firm, the Galaxy Ring would above all emphasize the health of the user. with several functions:

  • Heart rate tracking.
  • Tracking movements and sports activities.
  • Breathing indicators.
  • Sleep tracking sensors.

So many features which have not yet been completely confirmed by Samsung. According to several media, the firm is looking in particular to: integrate the ring into your home ecosystem, so that it complements your smartphone or your Samsung connected watch.< /p>

Galaxy Ring: information, price, release date, everything about Samsung&#39;s connected ring

The Galaxy Ring would track your sleep cycles. © Samsung

How much will the Galaxy Ring cost ?

At this time, the official price of the Galaxy Ring is unknown. To be able to estimate its potential price, it is possible to observe what is already happening. on the side competition.

One of the leaders on the market, Oura, offers its own connected rings. starting from 329 euros. It is also possible to add a subscription of 5.99 euros per month to access ' more health data.

There would therefore be a lot à bet that Samsung's Galaxy Ring will be sold between 200 and 400 euros. Once again, all this is not official and we will have to wait until ; until a final price is communicated.

When is the Galaxy Ring release date ?

Samsung has not yet communicated on a specific release date for its Galaxy Ring. The firm, however, confirmed; that the launch of its connected ring would take place during the second half of the year 2024. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to have a real release date.

The Galaxy Ring could however be talked about again this summer. Samsung is used to holding a conference "Galaxy Unpacked" dedicated to its foldable smartphones Z Fold and Z Flip. The firm could therefore take the opportunity to reveal more information on the "Galaxy Ring", and why not, a release date.

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