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Pokémon Legends Z-A: the next game in the license will be released in 2025

The Pokémon Company has just revealed the announcement of a new game. come for the famous pocket monsters license.

One of the most popular sagas in the history of video games is about to begin. make its big comeback in 2025. This is at the end of an online announcement video "Pokémon Presents" that the company "The Pok&eac;mon Company International" (or TPCI) has raised the veil on the game "Legends of Pokémon: Z-A" &agrav; coming to Nintendo Switch.

The title still remains very mysterious and only a few images are available. These reveal in particular a city well known to fans of the saga: Illumis, represented by its large prismatic tower referencing & agrave; our famous Eiffel Tower.

The affixing of the name "Légendes" is also not trivial. In 2022 was already released "PokéPokémon legends : Arceus", a spin-off opus   the main series and set in the past. from the Sinnoh region (region of the Pok&mon X/Y games released in 2006). The TPCI company therefore intends to make "Legends" a true series share and likely to rediscover regions already existing known to fans. However, we will have to wait a little longer to find out if Pokémon legends: Z-A" takes place in the past or the future of Pokémon X/Y games.

"Legends Pokémon : Z-A" does not have a more precise release date than a vague “current 2025”. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch systems. which includes the base console, but also its Lite and OLED derivatives. While rumors regarding a new console à coming at the beginning of 2025, this new Pokémon could well only be available on the gené current ration of the Nintendo Switch.

Teilor Stone

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