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Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15: which one has the advantage over 5G ?

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If you are still hesitating between the Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 15, or if you are wondering if it is worth it to replace an old Samsung with one of the latest flagships from the Korean brand, the data published by the company Ookla could help you make a decision. As a reminder, it offers the Speedtest application, which allows smartphone users to measure the quality of their internet connections.

Thanks to these measurements, the company can compare the performance of different models on mobile networks, based on real data. And in fact, Ookla has just published its results for the Galaxy S24, the S24 Plus and the S24 Ultra, during the period from February 1 to March 24. The measurements used by the company come from 15 countries, including France. And they not only allow us to estimate the performance of the Galaxy S24 on 5G networks, they also allow us to make a comparison with the latest iPhones, and with previous Samsung flagships.

< p>In its publication, Ookla specifies that the performance of a smartphone on mobile networks varies greatly from country to country. “Factors such as investments by governments and mobile operators in 5G infrastructure, spectrum allocations and the extent of 5G network deployment all contribute to these variations”, the company says. However, as far as France is concerned, its data shows that the Galaxy S24 series is not only more efficient than its predecessors, but would also be more efficient than the iPhone 15 series.

Samsung improves on French networks

“In France, the Galaxy S24 family led, delivering the fastest 5G median download speed of any device family on the market, at 292.15 Mbps. This represents a significant improvement of over 80 Mbps over the S22 family's speed of 211.32 Mbps, as well as a jump of over 60 Mbps over the S22 family's speed of 229.78 Mbps. S23 family”, says Ookla.

It adds that iPhone 15 users experienced the second median 5G download speed the fastest on the market, at 257.15 Mbps. As for the latency on iPhone 15, it would be identical to that we would have on the Samsung S22 and S23.

In other words, people who buy a Galaxy S24, S24 Plus or S24 Ultra in France should see an improvement in 5G quality. Ookla also indicates that in 7 (out of 15) countries covered by the study, the Galaxy S24 series had a higher median download speed than other models. The iPhone 15 series, for its part, would only be in the lead in one country.

  • Ookla publishes a study on the performance of Samsung's Galaxy S24 series on 5G networks
  • According to this data, in France, the S24 performs significantly better than previous high-end devices from Samsung
  • This one would also be faster than the iPhone 15 series

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