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The first “Miss AI” competition has just been announced: here are the jury criteria

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With the boom in generative AI, new possibilities are available to content creators. Indeed, some AI models are so realistic that they can generate completely misleading images. In a previous article, for example, we talked about how a person, who had stayed at home, completely deceived his friends and relatives by making them believe, using AI, that he had moved and that he started a new life.

Spanish influencer agency The Clueless went even further, creating an AI-generated character who became a real influencer on social media (and even generates revenue). In any case, for all those who have mastered the art of creating fake people via artificial intelligence, a new competition has just been announced: the very first “Miss AI” competition.

As you will have understood, this competition works a bit like traditional beauty contests, but all the participants will be virtual characters created with artificial intelligence. This competition is organized by the World AI Creator Awards (WAICA), which aims to reward the “accomplishments” of content creators who rely on AI.

Prices up to $13,000

To deliberate, the jury will not only base itself on the beauty of the virtual models that will be submitted. Part of the points will be awarded taking into account the technological aspect. Specifically, judges consider information such as AI tools used in the process, prompts, as well as visual details. The calculation will also take into account the performance and notoriety of the models on social networks.

In any case, the creators who win first prize will receive a sum of 5& nbsp;000 dollars, as well as other benefits worth $8,000 dollars. The second and third prizes do not include cash rewards, but only benefits estimated at $5,000 and $2,000 respectively.

< p>And the rules are quite simple. “Miss AI welcomes creations produced from any type of generator – whether it’s DeepAI, MidJourney or your own tool”, can we read in the contest FAQ.

  • After the AI-generated influencers, here is the first Miss contest AI
  • The participants will be evaluated based on their beauty, but also on the technology used and their performance on social networks
  • < li>The creators of the winning design will receive a $5,000 cash reward

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