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Galaxy SmartTag 2: what does AirTag's new competitor offer?

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Object locator tags are on the rise. And if Apple offers its famous AirTags, Samsung also has an alternative for its users. This week, moreover, the Korean giant announces the new version of its Bluetooth tag, called Galaxy SmartTag 2. It is the new equivalent of AirTags, for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Compared to the Korean giant's old tags, the SmartTag 2 offers some interesting new features.

Design and autonomy

First of all, there is a big change in design. The Galaxy SmartTag 2 has a metal loop that makes it easier to attach the tag to objects. And this new version is also more resistant. Certified waterproof (IP67), the beacon can for example be attached to bicycles that will face extreme conditions, or even to a pet (which can wet the beacon while drinking).

Autonomy has also been increased. The SmartTag 2 tag can in fact operate for 700 days, thanks to a new energy saving mode. Compared to previous beacons, this autonomy has been multiplied by 2. To help users find their lost objects, the new Samsung beacon relies on Bluetooth and UWB technologies. Otherwise, the SmartTag 2 includes a new feature that allows you to scan a lost tag (via NFC) to read a message from its owner as well as information that allows you to return this object.

The SmartTag 2 costs 39 .99 euros and will be available from October 11.

Still no Android support

What doesn't change, however, is how Samsung's beacon helps users find their items (or pets). To enable the location of lost SmartTag 2s, Samsung relies on its SmartThings Find network, formed by Samsung devices in use around the world.
In essence, when a tag is lost, it emits a signal Bluetooth that is received by other devices on the Find My network. Then, the information is relayed on the SmartThing Find network to allow the owner to know the last known position of their beacon (and the attached object).

The downside is that SmartTag 2 are therefore only compatible with Samsung products, but not with other Android smartphones (which would increase the chances of localization). However, it should be noted that Google is already working on an equivalent of Apple's Find My network and SmartThing Find, which will be accessible across the entire Android ecosystem. And all that remains is to hope that Samsung beacons are compatible with this future Android location network.

As a reminder, Google has already confirmed this project to create an equivalent of iOS Finder on Android .

  • Samsung launches its new object location tag, the SmartTag 2
  • This has a new design, is IP67 certified, and It is even suitable for pets
  • However, since it relies on the SmartThing network, it can only be detected by Samsung devices
  • An equivalent of Apple's Find My network for all Android devices is however in development at Google

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